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Well-known member
Jan 3, 2002
Was wandering if there is much difference between the two. Are the contracts pretty similar, is there the same amount of growth for the two in the next couple of months. Are they both good to work for?

I just interviewed with both of them in the last 3 weeks. I was much more impressed by piedmont, benifits seemed better, albeit not too much difference between the two. piedmont has a slightly larger fleet with 3 different models of Dash-8's (100,200,&300; They don't have any 400's like there website says, at least no one mentioned them at the interview) and I'm pretty sure they mentioned they were still taking deliveries of more 300's till the summer. I'd lean towards piedmont over allegheny, but both are good companies.
Worked for PDT and I interviewed with ALO. I know a bit about both.

Both are good companies, PDT does have more aircraft and a somewhat varied fleet. They are still getting 300's and will probably never get 400's ( can you say scope clause and Airways is too cheap!).

PDT is from Canada to Florida (and Nassau) and basically a East coast operation.

ALO is also supposed to get more 100's as I have heard. They are basically a north east and some Mid Atlantic operation.

Pay between the 2 is basically the same, contracts are very similar. Both have good contracts with very few differences.

Domiciles are the big difference, most of ALO's are in PA or NY. PDT is in VA, MD, FL.

Senority...both have around the same amount of pilots (give or take), PDT has about 25% lifer's (15 years +). ALO I think is a little higher in lifer's (30%).

Upgrade is about the same at 2 1/2 years.

Growth... I think both will continue to grow. As Airways furloughs and closes routes these wholly owneds will be picking up the slack. Airways finally is taking care of it's wholly owneds more than the contract carriers. All three are getting aircraft and all three are growing, albeit at the expense of mainline but it is good for the wholly owneds!

I think you cannot go wrong with either company. I am not going to recommend one over the other, it will have to be you choice of domiciles and the slight difference in equipment.

Good luck!
Furlough Interviews

Have any recent furloughees interviewed with either Allegheny or Piedmont. Just wondering if they were following through on not asking for resignation of seniority number or if they were still considering furloughed pilots.

Does anyone know if Allegheny or Piedmont require a college degree? I have all the flight time and ratings plus some but have not finished my degree. I am 36 yrs old, so the possibility of staying with a regional/commuter for the long haul is a real possibility at this point in the game for me. Thanks:)
Recent req

Piedmont has lately been offering jobs to furloughed pilots with a two year contract. For some this will work like US Airways mainline. Others maybe not such a good idea. We have also taken up some of the other wholly owned furloughed pilots. Bob Trout, Corperate recruiter does prefer college degrees. However it is not unheard of to slip through with the good experiance. We will be swelling our fleet to a total of 72 dash's 200's/300's by the end of the year. present hiring goals sit at 40 upgrades by april. 75 new FO's by april and as needed after that. The training department is in turbo mode taking sim slots from Horizen in washigton and the Bom sims in Toronto to take up slack in the juiced up flow. Things are looking good here right now. RJ discussions are happening again although I have a feeling that Mesa will be getting all the new jets and not us, or any other wholly owned for that matter. But the flying has touched a new high in the company and there is no sign of it slowing down in the near future. Good luck to all
The wholly owns need to keep fighting Airways about the contract carriers getting the RJs. They have all screwed us long enough. Hopefully the new RJ/unification committee will prevent this and dad will eventually disolve their contract. Wishful thinking though.
Allegheny will not require anyone to resign their seniority number. There is no training contract either. (First I've heard about PDT having a training contract - that kinda sucks) Like PDT, ALG is in a growth mode. We are one aircraft short of our pre 9-11 level and will be over 50 aircraft by April. It appears we are starting two classes a month at least for the short term. We are also using the sim in SEA concurrently with using the regular sims in CLT and ATL.
In regards to my previous post in this thread.

I got's me a job offa from Allegheny with ain't no colage.

I was simply answering the question previously asked in a humorous manner. Some guy thought I was taking a shot at pilots without degrees. I really dont have a degree, and Allegheny, like most Regionals do not require it. I apologize if this person could not see the humor in my response. His reply is no longer on this site as it was completely inappropriate and I assume removed.
Most airlines however, do require that thier pilots not go off in fits of rage at the drop of a hat. May I suggest some anger managment classes

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