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but you don't have to pay for a type!
Well, make sure you compare apples to apples.

There is no reimbursement for a hotel, but you draw regular first year FO pay during training (70 hour min). I don't know about every other airline, but I know JB pays $2500/ month (last year's rate anyway) and Pinnacle doesn't pay anything during training.

But we don't get the free laptop.;)
To be fair, AirTran does pay for a hotel in training. What they do not pay for is a hotel while you are in your base, which is Atlanta for all pilots. If you do any training in a city other than ATL you will have hotel provided. As long as we only have one base they can get away with this.
Pinnacle pays 21 per hr and pays hotel. 24$ second year.

AirTran pays 42.50 per hr. no hotel. 56$ second year.

I'll pay for my hotel for 4 weeks for that difference

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