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Airnow takes another hit. :)

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TEB Hilton resident
Nov 25, 2001
NEWS: CITY[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Investigator favors Bangor pilot [/FONT][FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]
[FONT=Times New Roman, Times, serif]Friday, December 09, 2005 - Bangor Daily News[/FONT] << Back
[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]AUGUSTA - A Bangor pilot who refused to fly an airplane because one of its gauges wasn't working was unlawfully fired in retaliation, an investigator for the Maine Human Rights Commission concluded.

Another investigator for the panel recommended the commission find in favor of an Old Town woman in her claim that a Bangor coffee shop employee sexually harassed her.

The commission is expected to rule on both cases when it meets Monday.

Aric Merrow, a pilot with AirNow - also known as Business Air Inc., based in Bennington, Vt. - was fired April 8, 2004. AirNow management claims Merrow's job performance and attitude deteriorated over the course of several months' employment with the company in its Bangor location.

But Merrow claimed he was fired for failing to fly a cargo airplane on March 31, 2004, after he deemed the aircraft and weather conditions unsafe. Merrow flew freight at night to points in New England.

On that date, investigator Barbara Lelli wrote, before taking off, Merrow discovered the aircraft's attitude indicator was inoperative. In aeronautics, attitude is the position of an aircraft in relation to a given line or plane, such as the horizon.

Merrow returned to the hangar and with a mechanic "worked ... using a flashlight in the dark, trying to swap" the right attitude indicator to the left side.

Merrow said he called a supervisor referred to as "Chief" to say he was "uncomfortable flying the plane that night. 'Chief' pushed him to fly in spite of his concerns, and concluded by saying, 'Do what you gotta do, Buddy,'" the report says.

The mechanic supported Merrow's version of events, Lelli reported, telling her: "Tonight didn't look like the night to go darting into the clouds with only one attitude indicator ... which you are not sure works or not."

The supervisor told Lelli he didn't think Merrow was concerned about safety, but rather "just wanted the night off." Management also said Merrow had other performance problems, such as being found out of uniform, taxiing across a runway without clearance, and refusing to help another pilot transfer cargo from one aircraft to another.

But Lelli recommended the commission find in his favor.

In another case, investigator Susan Clark recommended the commission find reasonable grounds for Sarah Ogden's claim that she was sexually harassed by an employee of the Loose Moose coffee shop.

Ogden began working at the shop in the Bangor Mall in June 2003.

According to Clark's report, a man who worked at the coffee shop kissed Ogden her first day on the job.

"Within days of my employment, 'Mr. Two' began making sexually based comments ... whenever he and I worked together," Ogden claimed, including suggesting she go to a hotel with him.

The behavior escalated with the man grabbing Ogden's breast and rubbing himself against her. Ogden lost her job when, she was told, the business sold. But Clark's investigation concluded that the business had not been sold.
Finally somebody stands up for a pilot. Safety is number one only in writting at some companies. Get the job done or you're fired attitude. Thank you Maine.
Well it just means that airnow is going to have to pay out big. Plus the two crashes in the same type of plane on the same run doesn't help their chances at getting out of paying.
What, my I ask is dangerous about flying an airplane with a replacement attitude indicator? I'm sure the MEL allows for one inoperative AI, especially on the right side. From what I heard this guy had serious attitude problems especially after the AI incident.
actually icefre8dawg let me fill you in on the subject

The horizon replaced was an electrical one. The mechanic was told to replace it with the other electrical one. Mechanic told the pilot i don't know how long it's been since this has been done and used as a electrical one. Pilot then looks at MEL and says the electrical one can be replaced as long as there is a air one on the other side. Problem is there is another electrical one on the other side doesn't fit the MEL.

But hey the electrical is pulled out and put on the pilot side. The mel conditions are not met. Wait where is the Air side per the MEL. Oh there is none? Coditions are not met. Airnow at fault. Period.

It's maine and the weather is nasty.... what would you do?

Oh that's right the maine human rights board found in favor of the pilot.... A board that has voted in favor of the accusor like 3 times in it's history but it learned enough about aviation in it's short time frame to understand that the pilot was right and that's the end of it.

So he might have had an attitude. Or lack there of due to MX but he was proven right in a court of law. You can't touch them facts.... Or the fact that the mechanic that performed the MX testified AGAINST Air Now.
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there ain't no vacuum or pressure system in a bandit, so how could there ever be an air driven AI installed? Also, the MMEL says there can't be an electronic ADI on the left side if the right side is inop. big difference between electric and electronic.
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Diesel said:
but it learned enough about aviation in it's short time frame to understand that the pilot was right and that's the end of it.

That makes me laugh. Guess next time there is a G5 orbiting with a landing gear issue these people will be on CNN as aviation analysts tellin everyone what the pilot is thinking and doing in that situation.

The Bandit has electric Ai’s on both sides so the MEL you describe might exist if it where say a Cessna 208.

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