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Airnet base seniority question

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Nov 11, 2003
Can an Airnet pilot shed a little light on how senior SDF and IND currently are? Is there 1 run out of SDF and 3 out of IND? What about LUK?

Interviewing this upcoming week and these are the bases I prefer, just curious if there is a chance of getting one or the other out of training (provided everything goes well) or about how long I'm gonna have to wait to transfer in. Thanks for the help!
you would get whatever base is open after training, if that run comes open and no one senior than you bids it, then it is yours. those runs tend to be bid on rather than given to out of training, but if you waited 3 months most likely what you want will come open.
SDF, IND and LUK are all popular bases. It's hard if not impossible to speculate on when they will be open. The only good news is that because of the popularity there is a (relatively speaking) a high turnover rate.

Last I checked there was two SDF runs, one LUK and IND.

LCK is not that far away and your odds are somewhat better.

I'll second that it is hard if not impossible to speculate prop base openings. Currently we've got 1 run out of IND, 1 out of SDF and 3 out of LUK. At LCK we've got 5 permanent prop spots (set runs) and about 7 reserve pilots. LUK is currently available, but it tends to be pretty popular. You may get lucky and get what you want out of training, but chances are you'll be able to move to what you want in a few months.

Good Luck!

you can get teb any day of the week, they have to beg pilots to take it or just force them into it. Bdl on the otherhand isn't as big but it comes and goes, i foresee one in bdl opening soon.
Is it cause of the cost of living out there or the run itself? I'm from there, so wouldnt mind living back in dirty jersey or up in CT
mainly cost of living and the hole overcrowded thing. teterboro is just a pain sometimes, can't really explain it, but sometimes i just really hate it. Most of the runs are descent though making good money.
I hear ya. The traffic jams of biz jets get old after awhile I guess. I'll cross my fingers for either base though. (plus gettin the interview, too)

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