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F15 Ret/FDX/InterviewPrep
Nov 25, 2001
Hey aviators,

I know periodically I get questions about how to join the AF, the ANG, etc. I also get some F15 specific questions periodically.

For those of you interested in learning more, I know that Eagleflip, Z, and myself are all F15 drivers on the board.

JackArse and a few others have some P-3 Navy experience.

Mean One is an F18 hornet driver.

Reuterf16 flew F15s, F16s, U-2s, and Hueys as a warrant officer in the U.S. Army!

Jack Ernie and fox 3 flew F15Es. (Fox 3 actually flew a bunch of stuff, including hornets and F15Cs for a while).

I suggest guys check in with some of their current or past mil experience--maybe we can recruit some fine young men (and women) who are interested in taking our place as we either "age out" of the military or pursue other dreams.

I was an AFROTC cadet--but I know a ton of academy guys and OTS guys as well. If I can help anyone in any way fire off a PM and I'll pass on what I know.

Fly safe and good luck,

Past USAF guy

You can get a lot of flight time (compared to fighters/bombers)and see the world flying heavies. In my opinion it's the ideal way to go if you eventually want to fly for the majors.

The transition overall is easy - by far MORE laid back than flying for Uncle Sam! More of the "cooperate - graduate" atmosphere in training with the majors (vs. screw your buddy). :cool:
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Former Tweet FAIP and PIT IP here, currently flying Vipers at Aviano AB, Italy. Happy to answer any questions.

Had a quick question for you, Albie. I'm also very interested in flying for jetBlue and put in my online app a little over a month ago. I know they have a bazillion dudes on file. How long did it take for you to get your initial call? I'm expecting at least several months.

Thanks, and congrats on being hired!

JetBlue Interview

I have an interview scheduled @ jetBlue on 12 Dec. I submited an online app in Aug (after figuring out that the world of freight was going to kill me at an early age). It took jetBlue about one month to contact me for an interview (early Sept) -- my initial interview was supposed to happen 14 Nov, but that was scheduled prior to 9/11.
Good Luck!

Fox 3, I got a print on your "act." Hey, good luck to you bro...you already know who this is. Gimme a call when you get into town. And of course, best of luck at the jb interview.

prior A/OA-10, AT-38, UV-18 OTS grad, retired flying for SWA, 2nd yr FO. Anyone interested in getting gouge on SWA feel free to PM & be glad to help anyway I can. Fortunately we're hiring again starting Jan, 2 classes, 2 more in March, probably some in Feb, interviewing starting in Feb, maybe even sooner, no job is perfect, grass is not greener on the other side, brown on both sides but generally happy with being at SWA. My prayers for a short downturn for fellow military & civilian aviators at other airlines, it could happen at SWA someday too, no one is immune, hang in there


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