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air wisconsin flying NW rj's???

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New member
Dec 11, 2001
while jumpseating the other day a northwest pilot said that they were interested in getting air wisconsin to fly their rjs? doesn't make sense to me, but was wondering if anyone else had heard the rumor?
Either that NWA pilot was trying to start a rumor or you're trying to stir the pot. Go with you're instinct on this one...........it does'nt make sense. Express is taking the first of the 44 seaters northwest ordered next month. Mesaba is taking over the saab flying out of MEM to make way for express to become all jet. All this is happening at the same time NWA is looking for a buyer for express. By making them all jet, they'll be able to get a better price.
Just as a follow up, I've heard in the rumor mill that Express One has a scope clause problem with taking all of the ordered jets, so NWA may have to give some of the CRJ's to Mesaba or some one else. I doubt NWA goes outside its network.
It is true Express has a scope problem with the 50 seater since the 11th. Probably around January, they will replace the remaining 50 seaters on order with the 44 seater.

Right now, it doesn't matter who would fly the 50 seater, the max 50 seaters allowed under NWA scope is approaching until NWA puts more narrow bodies in the air.
Ah yes.........good ol NWA's **CENSORED****CENSORED****CENSORED****CENSORED****CENSORED**ed themselves again.:p When will those guys ever wake up and learn how to compete in this business. They always seem to be playin catchup with the rest of the field.
what the heck...

another one for the rumor mill...

It has been mentioned from both EXA and MESA that Mesa was looking to cash in on the extra 44 seaters EXA cannot take.. Air Willy is a new one though....
Why does EXA have a problem with taking more 44 seaters? There is no scope issue there since they're not tied in with NWA's narrow body fleet. Giving them to MESA would be crazy. Where are they going to feed to that would benefit NWA?
EXA will get the first 44 seaters. the ones they are getting now are part of the first 50 they were already going to get, but they will get the first of the 44 seaters after those. Mesaba is taking over EXA's MEM saab flying. NWA is doing this to make them all jet so they can get a good price when EXA is sold.

Mesaba will be in line to get some of those CRJs, but not until we have a 44 seat payscale, and we do not have one right now. If the jets do go to mesa or Air wiskey it will be because we ask for too high of a pay scale. I would rather get a good contract then sell out for some RJ's

Just my .02 cents

DTW Avro dude
No way we're doing the NWA flying for two reasons.

Our own Mission statement says we're placed here on God's Green Earth to serve Yo-nited and there's no way we can work for as cheap as the Express pilots fly their jets for. (Mrs. Brommer, my fourth grade English teacher, would kill me for that sentence. Sorry Mrs. Brommer.)

To answer some of the EXA questions...

We are tied to the scope clause with NWA, with that we have taken possession of our LAST 50 seater. Starting next month we are "due" to take possession of at least 2 44 seaters per month. Obviously there are other issues at work which are heating up a already frustrated pilot group.

The reason is NWA has parked some 727's which have decreased our alottment. The original clause only allowed us 30 50 seaters anyway so it is not a real surprise.

Equally, as each new 44 seater shows up we will be handing over or retiring (not sure which one) a Saab to either Mesaba or the lease holder.

I do not know where the Air Wisky rumor started nor the Mesa rumor, but mgmt has not either told us how many to expect out of the 75 ordered. The only rumor about our staffing seems to be somewhere around 40-45 of the 75 ordered, but in this industry that may have already changed!

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