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Air Asia

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It's ok, I speak Jive
May 20, 2004
Looks like there hiring Captains without previous command experience. Anybody over there? Wondering about what its like over there (quality of life, pay, bennies, etc.) I hear its a 3 year commitment and you can't commute. Much appreciated if anyone knows anything about this gig. Thanks!
I have read that the pay is waaay low. QOL is probably still good on that cash. I would view it as a 3 year vacation. Nice new Airbus aircraft, beautiful scenary, real hot chicks (just think of that 2 Live Crew song "Me so horny") and low rent. If you are a furloughed UAL pilot (with very low seniority) with Airbus time, you could probably consider this gig...
The basic pay is 12000 ringitt ( about 3800 USD) and you pay tax on this which will be 27% in 2011/12

the flight pay is 195 ringitt and average hours have been 80

you buy everything else including water and food.

I stand to be corrected on the above info.
Yeah, but the chicks are hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have flown Air Asia many many times.

THEY AIN"T THAT HOT. Not hot enough to whore yourself for 33% of a standard expat wage.

On those wages you wouldn't even be able to hit Thailand for R+R

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