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Age Waiver for UPT (Rated Nav)

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Sep 28, 2003
I'm a Navy NFO, with extensive Civilian flight experience that includes an ATP and a current job as a CRJ FO. Do I have a flighting chance of getting a Guard Unit to grant me an age waiver to attend UPT? I'm 35; junior O-4 with 10 yrs total commissioned service.

Thanks in advance for your inputs.

I went to SUPT at age 32, rated (senior) navigator, Sr 0-3 with 10.5 years. I was already in an ANG unit affected by a C-130E to J conversion. The J conversion waiver was based on the Pacer Craig waivers for tanker navigators and might still be "in place."

Good luck!

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I am in a similar situation as yourself (NFO to Civilian Pilot on my dime). Looked into the ANG route a couple years ago, and was told for the most part that the age limit is the hard deck. Now, like anything else, there are exceptions -- in this case I was told the age limit can be circumvented IF you can get a unit to dig your program enough to let you in as a double anchor guy, AND you can get enough stars to sign the paperwork. I don't imagine this surprises you.

If you are interested in this, you can get a ton of ANG info off the internet... including phone numbers and e-mail addresses for each individual unit.

Good luck

It can be done. I also went through UPT at age 32 as a former NFO. But you'll have to find a unit that is willing to bend over backwards to push a waiver through for you. I'm not sure how that works in a post 9/11 world with a bunch of furloughed guys back at their former units but it's worth a shot. I was fortunate enough to get hired in early 2001 prior to leaving active duty in the Navy. It's going to take some persistence but it's worth the fight.
P.M. me if you want specifics. Good luck and don't take no for an answer.


Thanks for the encouraging words of advice! This was a sanity check on my part to even see if this is even possible. So far, I'm talking to someone in a Missouri C-130 unit and they are interested in interviewing me for a Nav slot. I will offer up to pay ANG dues as a Nav with the intent on seeking their blessing for UPT down the line. Is this a good tactic? By the way, do I need to take the AFOQT to apply to UPT given that I'm a rated Nav?

On another note, all the double anchor guys that I've ever associated with have always been supportive of one another when it comes to seeking the transition from NFO to pilot. It's refreshing that the support is still going strong.

Last time I checked the cutoff was 33. But if you go to the ANG, they can get you a wavier for almost anything unlike the Reserves or active.

You are doing the right thing going to the St Joe guys, if they do indeed convert to C-17s then you have a small chance.

Unfortunately, I believe the cutoff for age waiver for a unit undergoing conversion is 34. The oldest and last Mather Nav I saw at UPT went through in 2000-2001 and was a 34 year old O-4. I have seen one guy older but he was a old school helicopter guy going through for the AK ANG in about the same time frame but he was already a pilot and was considered to be in a fixed wing qual status and not pilot training.

Good Luck from a former B-52 EWO turned pilot

R. I. P. KMHR and JOC night

Thanks for the gouge. I would be willing to take a lesser paygrade to enitice the Guard Unit to give me a shot. From reading the AFIs there are exceptions to policy for just about everything. I know that there is also a process/mechanism for requesting these. The challenge for me is the approach that I must follow to convince the prospective unit to go to bat for me. By the way, do I still have to take the AFOQT even though I'm a rated aviator? If so, I've got to take it soon.



You will have to do the AFOQT before going to UPT. I had to take it back in 92 before my ANG unit would send me to UPT.

There is another process that will occur to convert your Naval Aeronautical Rating to an Air Force Rating which is somewhat time consuming but is just a process your unit will go through to swap those gold wings over to silver. Interestingly enough, after the conversion you are authorized to wear both sets of wings on nametags. We have several Navy/Marine types in our unit some in the AD and some in the Reserve who crossed over to the blue side.
Good Luck

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