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Age 60 issue

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Well-known member
May 16, 2005
Would any fractional types that fly with age 60 pilots care to weigh in on the issue on the Majors side? I know there are some retired airline types working at the fractionals, maybe you could give us some feedback. Thanks.
Just any feedback that you might feel pertinent to the discussion of age determined retirement. There is a sh1tstorm going on again over this issue again and I suggested we ask some fractional pilots what they thought about it since many of you have flown with professional pilots over 60. If you have time maybe you could check out the thread and weigh in if you care to. I want to avoid the appearance of trying to sway your opinion but I think the perspective that fractional captains could bring to the issue would be especially credible since you are flying with age 60, and beyond, pilots.
I've flown with retired EAL, Delta, ATA, TWA, former corporate, and Military guys here at NJA, many are plus 60 years of age, and all have been great guys ! Pilots are pilots....most of them are good people to work with. There is always that 5-10% that you'd prefer not to pair up with, but I suppose that they're everywhere, not just at Netjets.
at flex I fly with plenty of over 60 guys and have found it to be what it is with all pilots -- you are either born with wings, good enough or downright dangerous. I don't think age matters as far as whether I would keep flying with them...

however the attitudes can sometimes be a bit much -- the I flew the big dogs for xxx years so eat my **** or the I have over 15000 hours so don't tell me __________ but that's a different story and few and far between thank butter...

If they can pass their medical, why not let them fly... I know guys in their 30's who barely squeak thru the medical...

Sometimes age 60 guys might be better suited for the fracs -- no little ones at home and more flexible home lives in general, if I can make such a blanket statement...
The ones I have flown with do a outstanding job.. Like me they can hump bags, clean aircraft, order and eat great crew food and last but not least- bitch about anything and everything..

Simply pilots doing an outstanding job... Great guys on the road and hard workers... Real stupid of the airlines to not try to retain them.. In short they are an asset!
I think a lot of the 60 plus guys realize that this job is 10x's harder than any job that they had back at brand X. Most are humbled by how much we have to do and realize that any experience they had back at brand X doesn't carry much weight.

There are two type of 60 guys out there. There are those that aren't ready to hang it up yet. They do a great job and really put in the work. They want to learn and teach at the same time. Simply a blast to fly with and know that this is a job just like any other job and they teach you to slow down and take your time.

Then there are the 60+'s out there that have a couple a divorces, a couple of mortages and can't hang it up because they can't afford it. They are bitter and pissed. Thank god this is the small small minority.
....and there are those 60+ who are there for the benefits....mostly medical until they reach age 65. The folks I have flown with have been OUTSTANDING and I view them as a source of knowledge I have yet to learn. I consider it a priveldge to fly with them and to benefit from their experiences.

Many of them are also some of the strongest Union supporters we have...
This is great. Thanks for the feedback.

Has anyone flown with any 63,65,67 or 70 year olds? Has every pilot you have flown with from this demographic completely transcended age or do you see a change at some point?

Additionally, your companies are interviewing these folks for the jobs. Only the ones who want/need to work are applying. Do you think your companies are hiring every 60+ pilot that asks for a job or is it pretty competitive for them too?

Though I have no proof, I truely believe NetJets might be interrested in these folks because they no the more "experienced" pilot probably won't be hanging around for long periods of time.....save on the pay.

I have no idea concerning the competativeness amnognst the more "seasoned" pilots.

Right now, Netjets will probably hire ANYONE who can use PBI,TEB,CMH,DAL or LAX as their bases....I think that pool is going to dry up real quick.

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