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Aerodynamics Books

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Aerodynamics for Naval Aviators.

It is an government pubilcation so no frilly pictures, but it is a GREAT!!!!! book for any aviator. Its a blue book book published by ASA, its about Eighteen bucks.

Yeah, I've seen that book at quite a few places. Everywhere that I have seen that book was near a military base so I thought it was for Naval Aviations, lol!

Thanks man, I'll keep an eye out for it.

By the way: Does it go into detail about props and stuff like that, or is it more about turbine/jet engines?
Every concept it goes over it goes over for both Prop and Jet. And seriously it is the last aerodynamics book you will ever need.

Aerodynamics for Naval Aviators is great, as others have said. But I also like the book "Illustrated Guide to Aerodynamics". It's about $28.00, and I think it does a good job with good figures that are easy to understand. I really like the performance and stability sections.

Also, check out this site:
I go here all the time when I forget about stuff. This guy is great, he has flash presentations on some things that make it very easy to see... for aerodynamics, performance, and stability.
That web page is very nice!

Lots of information, I recommend it to anyone who wants to jump on the web and read some info about aerodynamics. I'm glad you showed that to me, I'll definately read it over.

Thanks a lot!

If you are looking for a good swept wing aero book, read "flying the wing" last published in the 70's (available at amazon). It is written by a DC-9 flight instructor back when they used the plane to instruct, imagine! Very good book for swept wing, high altitude and jet aerodynamics.

You must get the classic treatise on aerodynamics, Stick and Rudder by Wolfgang Langwische, ISBN: 0070362408. I found it on bn.com for about $20. It was first published in 1944. It's one of the best books ever on aerodynamics, and is written in plain English. Get it! You won't be disappointed.

I liked ANA, but had an extremely tough time getting around the math. The FAA used to draw a lot of its written test questions from ANA.
All of those are good, but I think the best out there are the "Flightwise" series, 2 volumes,by Chris Carpenter (head of Aero at the RAF college).They're not available in the U.S., but you can order them thru www.amazon.co.uk .

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