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Advance entitlement possiblities at Delta

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Well-known member
Oct 3, 2007
Anyone have good intel on a possible AE after the move to single operating certificate at Delta? Trying to get to Memphis on the 9.
The first ? is will S.O.C. be done by Jan. 2010. Probably not but soon there after with an A.E. to follow. The -9 base in MEM has shrunk quite a bit. I would guess many live in base but enought don't and will bid out and open up positions. I think that MEM and CVG may be going away down the road. Praying for a DFW base.
Unless there is a lot of movemtent around the combined system I wouldn't count on getting MEM in the near future. The history of the base is like this. When it first opened it was the junior base, however after a few years a lot of folks either moved there or bid it because of the commute. When the downsizing took place several years ago it kicked a lot of folks out except for the senior guys. Hence, it is now more senior than even MSP.

The other hindering factor is that there are not normally positions made available in MEM. Usually it is only 2-3 positions at a time. Not saying that it won't happen, but there are things you can look for to see if a position will come available. I personally know several guys in MEM that really want ATL. In short if they are able to bid ATL with no problem then there will be several positions in MEM available.

If you live in MEM, then the easiest way in is reserve on the bus. VERY junior. Block bus is extremely senior.
Will be interesting to see how/if that changes with the separate block/reserve positions going away.

Very true...there's nothing worse than riding that block/reserve borderline not knowing what your going to get each month.

Actually I take that back. I'm about mid block in my position. Mentally I think I'm senior enough to get some of the things I bid for but every month it depends on what's left...at lest at the bottom you know you have the choice of reserve or a crap schedule (which even a crap schedule doesn't seem to be too bad unless your on the 737 in LA or NY).
What makes the 737 in LA and NY so bad?

Well probably a couple of things, but for starters your dealing with multiple airports at both and they aren't exactly down the road from each other. If you're senior enough you get to pick and choose...otherwise you have to pick your battles.

Last time I looked NY had a lot of trips that ended with red eyes. Not bad if you like that kind of thing, but I noticed it seems to screw up the trip credits and a lot of these guys end up with less days off for less credit than other fleets.

Will have to look at Sept bid packets when they come out here in a few days.

Great Airplane though!
Didn't think about the multiple airports thing...which airports do you have to cover in LA? I know it can take most of a day to get from LAX to ONT.
Very true...there's nothing worse than riding that block/reserve borderline not knowing what your going to get each month.

Every month prior to bidding Planning puts out an estimated number of lines that will be constructed for the upcoming months bid. It is usually within a couple of numbers of being correct.
So you have a pretty good idea that you are going to be resv or able to hold a line. I know it is the exact system FNWA has/had, but it might be something many of you didn't know about. It has been accurate enough for me to use in the past when on resv hoping for a line.
The trick is bid for the type of line you want, knowing you probably aren't senior enough to hold it. Then bid all the resv. lines you want knowing you will probably ge what you want being senior resv. Then hope for the best, it really isn't a bad system, but everything is relative.

Reserves? They have nearly none on the narrow body fleet.

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