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Feb 24, 2005
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Anyone have any information on them. I have heard alot of good and bad. I am hoping to track down someone with some real experience with them, maybe even a current contractor that would like to speak to me about what they think of the opportunities available.


A simpler time...
Mar 27, 2003
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Do a search on pprune.org or "The Other Site". Someone wrote a detailed synopsis on ACASS.

If you can't find it on either of those sites, PM me and I'll dig into it more.

From what I remember, it sounds like ACASS is getting better. Good luck. TC


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Feb 28, 2005
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I did the ACASS thing.

It all depends on the employer. They set me up with an excellent company to work for - so no issues at all.

I have heard a lot of bad stuff from other guys at ACASS that worked for some shady operators.

Bottom line, ACASS pays you about half of what they collect for your labor. They are about the MONEY. Everything is a contract because they know once you get over there you will find a lot of opportunities to go around them. As soon as you get there, they try to get you to commit to a longer stay. What ever they offer you, ask for more. They always low ball you. When ever they ask you to stay longer, ask for more money. What ever contract they give you, negotiate better.

There is no loyalty. No matter what you have done in the past, or how you have helped them, if they sign a new guys for less then what your being paid, no more assignments. You have to pay your own taxes, own recurrent, own medical, - everything. They nickle and dime you on everything on their expense reports. "Crew Laundry Included" is what they told me. Then I get over there and they define crew laundry as your uniform only. Not a big deal but you see what I'm talking about.

The Good. They always pay. On time, well not quite. Says paid within 7 days. 7 days go buy and you call and they say "7 business days". So I guess weekend and the 4th of july is a big holiday for Canadians.
But the money always comes, and thats really what it is about.

My recommendations - Go for it if you have nothing else and give it a try ONCE if you are already current. If you aren't current - There is no way I would pay my FSI recurrent and then wait and to see if I get the assignments. Again they look at everyone that is current and choose the cheapest person. Your assignments could dry up FAST.

Don't commit to crap until you know all the facts. They give you one information at a time.

Anyone serious can PM me for my 2 cents.

X man

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Mar 5, 2006
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I worked for Acass last year, started out OK, but then the recruiter that hired me left, and the new girl tried to get me to stay longer than I had agreed to. Money was pretty much on time, I never sumbitted an expense report. I had a few issues with the operator and Acass did not seem to care about it.

It would work as a stepping stone towards something else, but not a career mate. Good Luck


10"s Bottle to Throttle
Jul 20, 2005
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A friend said they want you to sign a contract that is about 20 pages long and very one sided.
Example: If you get someone upset they can terminate and you will owe them over $20,000 and they don't have to pay you any unpaid pay and exspenses. What is up with that?
The contract sounded very one sided and ACASS does not sign it.
The contract said 6-8 week tours but ACASS reserved the right to extend as long as needed with no limit at the last moment. :eek:
The contract carefully worded that if they decide to cut you loose while you are out of country, they will not provide transportatin home. :erm:

This company sounds like just another Pimp in this Prostitution Business. :pimp: Thanks to boards like this the word will get out.


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Nov 29, 2001
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DO NOT under any circumstances sign any of their contracts or paperwork.

Do not believe anything they promise you !

Their agreements are drafted to enable them to file a civil case against the pilot in a Montreal court. They will then take the judgement of the court to asign a collection agency in the US to come after you.

You have been warned !!