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ACA, should I go?

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Yeah buddy
Jul 21, 2002
I am trying to decide if I should stay at Piedmont and hope US Air survives or go to ACA. Does anyone have any info on ACA? Thanks
Not sure I would want to have Blue airplane right now. Tough decision though. What about something a bit furthur up the food chain like AirTran or something like that?

Good luck.
I think the question is wheather or not Piedmont is going to stay or go. I don't think US Airways is going anywhere.

They may not be profitable for a while, but we've seen a large number of airlines survive quite well for years without being profitable.

If US Airways wants to get rid of props completely and not budge on the current WO/RJ issue, it might be a good idea to jump ship.

Good luck

Thanks, Ya its a tough decision. Been here for 2 years have a house ect..... I guess I will probably just ride it out
USAirways is a sinking ship.

It would suck to give you your PDT seniority to come to ACA, but thats making the most of a bad situation. Here at ACA, I've met several refugees from other regionals who are in training with us right now; CommutAir, Colgan, Great Lakes, Trans States, even Eagle.

At least at ACA, we're growing, aircraft are on order, upgrades are on the forseable future..... If Airways bites the dust, there is going to be one huge surplus of pilots. It would probably be in your best interest to come to ACA. Plus I'm sure we could use somebody with your 121 background.

USAirways is a sinking ship.

I find it quite humorous when people say that.

You're basing your statement on what? Are you saying that a company in financial trouble can't survive? What are your educated reasons for saying this?

Just because a company is losing money, has labor problems, has a multitude of other issues to deal with, in no way means the coroner is about to sign the death certificate. If you want to keep this is aviation, look at the history books and see how aviation evolved. Look at how many times Continental has filed bankruptcy and revived itself into a strong airline.

Let's look outside aviation in today's world. Worldcom is a much worse situation than US Airways. They have more employees and are in much more debt. They filed for bankruptcy protection but are still operating and aren't in any immediate danger of going out of business.

With reorganization US Airways will be a strong airline once again. As someone who non revs on US Airways, I can tell you that flights are pretty full most of the time. US Airways has a good foundation to build itself back up on.

ACA has built itself completely on the foundation of UAL and DAL. What do you think will happen to you when either of those two shift the majority of flying back to the mainline in a year or two? If anything ever happened to either of those two carriers, ACA would have some serious troubles.

You said:

"With reorganization US Airways will be a strong airline once again. "

When was US Airway EVER a strong airline?

I think there is a difference between Airways and Worldcom.

Worldcom has a product people want. A product that is not a commodity. Airways has a poor product that is not competative unless their costs are lower than the competition and therefore their product is cheaper. A cheaper product will not keep Airways in business much longer. Time will tell and this is by no means a slam on Airways employees.

One of my best freinds in on furlough from Airways and even he is thinkin about movine on. We'll see.
Split ASAP.....you will NEVER upgrade at Piedmont, as the fleet will keep shrinking until you are gone....and then you'll wish you had left years before!

It's a no-brainer, get the hell out of the USAir system as soon as possible!

ACA is a good airline. They were my first interview, and I would be flying with them now if they hired me.

Other options:
USA Jet Airlines
(the last 2 are cargo out of YIP-Detroit)


I forgot. TSA is interviewing starting in Nov. I was with them through my sim check (mine was 9.12) and I liked them.


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