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ACA September poolies

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Masterless Samurai
Nov 26, 2001
I cant help but notice from reading other posts that there seem to be alot of us in the September pool here. I am curious exactly how many there are. Who else here is in the pool? Heres to hoping we hear something soon.

Me too guys...no letter or specific date....Just Sept. Waiting, waiting, waiting....
Me too!!

July the 16th interview, Still waiting, I called last week and they never called back.
Has anyone received a letter of acceptance?
No letter but I got just a call with a class date so that works for me!

EDIT: Figures as soon as I posted this I went out and got the mail and there was a fedex packet with the newhire stuff. And a conditional offer letter.

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When did you interview?
I saw a list of new hires by Dean Hess's door last week. There are 80 pilots for the month of Sept. Also for those who have not recieved a letter from Employee Services, don't worry. If you were given a class date show up for that. Now your first night there you have a couple of options. One is you can stay at Holiday Inn for $59. Or if you can call the Suite Tower Place next to Hamiton Inn runs $59. That one has a ketchen and fold out bed. I knew 3 guys stayed there and went home on weekends. That is not too bad, but there are crashpads for 200 dollars up to 350 a month.

Terry V.
I interviewed on the 10th of july. Notified that I was in the pool for september July 18th, called for August 30 class on August 6th. I had about 900 hours multi turbine under part 121 when I was called for the interview, 1500 total.

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