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AA Super 80 vs LUV...Double standard?

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Everyone has to have private, instrument, commercial and ATP ratings. Those are basics required for this job.

No one just goes out and buys a 737 Type rating. The only reason you are buying it is for a job with SWA. I can't think of any other reason to buy this. Others companies pay for your type (The way it should be).

Thank you very much!

Unless you are hired as a Captain, the ATP is not a requirement. You could argue that they should give you the type and ATP.

The type requirement at SWA does not save the company anything with regards to one's initial training. It does add some flexibility during upgrade, in that a DE is not required.

The type requirement served SWA very well in it required a level of commitment and belief in the SWA busuness model to make that investment. Even though not all in a typical new hire class had to pay with cash out of their own pocket, enough did to establish a culture in each new hire class that has now been replaced with posters and handing out the book "Nuts." Now the type is not required until one is ib line for a class date.

I would not be suprised if the type requirement returned prior to the interview.
Well spoken for someone that had the taxpayer pay his way and probably got hired at SWA with 1500 hours!!

Well, you just made yourself look like the a$$ here. Guess you will never know my background but you are so off it is sick....but you know what happens when you assume...oh wait you do now.
American grounded their own jets, not the FAA.

Not entirely true. The FAA began grounding jets more or less randomly creating operational chaos. AA decided they couldn't operate that way and took the entire fleet down for inspection.
You make ZERO sense....most people (excluding mil people for their Comm.) paid $$ for their Commercial and ATP and all the other stuff associated with being allowed to fly an airplane. Every airline requires you to have an ATP or Comm. license...right? SO you had to PAY for that training to be eligible for the job....SWA just adds 1 more thing you need to have to be eligible....either way you still paid for your training whether you are at Netjets or SWA.....am I missing something?

Yes, a clue!
You still make no sense.... I will say that at other airlines your 1st year pay is so low that you are "paying" for your training with the company pay you less the 1st year....SWA on the other had has a very good 1st year rate...so pick your battle pay 6K upfront or pay it over 1 year at a low wage at another airline.

SWA - $52
AirTran - $43
Alaska - $46
CO - $31
DAL - $52
UA - $33
Jetblue - $40

taken from airline pilot central

Hotel rooms paid for by the company and benefits from day one was a very nice gesture from the company.
Personally, I wouldn't walk across the concourse to fly a B737 after flying the MD80.

The 80 is so sleek and streamlined, while the 737 taxi's out wobbling from side to side with that stupid trim wheel rubbing your knees. Manual reversion isn't complicated on the MD80. The 737 is barely maneuverable and almost non air-worthy when there's a hydraulic problem.

The MD80 is symbolically phallic, and is a work of art on takeoff when silouetted against an evening sky.

The 737...well...there's just too much FLUF.

The B727 however,....
For the record, I fly for SWA....having said that...I believe that the grounding of the AA MD-80's last year was pure BULL-Shaat !!!

The FAA had just been publicly spanked, and they had to show some muscle. To ground AA's MD-80's over a clamp that was supposed to be 1" apart instead of the 1-1/4 apart was nothing more than showing off.

The FAA should be ashamed of themselves.
No one just goes out and buys a 737 Type rating. The only reason you are buying it is for a job with SWA. I can't think of any other reason to buy this.

There is no requirement to buy a 737 type rating to apply or to be hired at SWA.

The only requirement is that one have a 737 type rating.

I am one of many who did not buy a 737 type rating, and still got hired.

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