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a p technicians

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New member
Feb 28, 2002
is there a web ring for a p mechanics like for pilots. looking to get info on career and so on. Thanks for the time
You'd think that I would know of one perhaps... but I don't.

There are enough A&Ps on this board who could probably answer your questions though.

Fire away, I'll answer what I can.


This is so real it is almost scary. Despite the diatribes and shall i say less than lucid postings, one could gleen a certain profile and feeling for the career, at least at the airline level. I've been there 13 yrs and there have been some moments. My buddy recently deployed a reverser sleeve on a triple 7 into a dock slider. Fortunately the visit was not impacted by this 'incidence'. Working 6 and 2's midnight shift can affect one's alertness from time to time, although i do not propose that this schedule should be used as an excuse, it is certainly not conducive to error free production. Walk away, do nothing, before you do something wrong.

I believe we all (mechanics), while coming from much more varied back grounds than your average pilot, have an affinity and love for what we do, and many are pilot/owners as well. (myself included). Some are educated and are using the position as a stepping stone. 72K/yr will buy you some time and money to pursue other interests. And your home every night (or day as the case may be).

U.S. Aviation also has a slot set aside for utility/mechanic but it is generally not traveled much.
Good grief. If you're getting seventy two thousand dollars as a mech, stay where you are. Most mechanics make between twenty and thirty thousand, with higher for management positions.

The highest I was ever paid was eighteen bucks working the line as a mech, and that same firm is paying less than nineteen tops right now, and most guys are doing about eight to eleven bucks hourly.

Most pilots won't see seventy two grand for the first fifteen years of their flying careers.
well how is job market for A&P out of school. What kind of pay can you get working for an fbo or corporate shop. Also looking for schools to go visit. In southeast or gulf coast area.
Between ten and fifteen dollars an hour is typical for a GA mechanic, frequently lower, but often about twelve dollars an hour. Mechanics do not get their due, especially considering the training that is involved, as well as the responsibility (which is astronomical).

Are jobs available? More than you could apply for in one lifetime. Mechanics often can't afford to stay with the industry, and leave to work for car dealerships where some actually make salaries that are livable. Just about anywhere you go, jobs are available.
Y'know Avbug, normally I'd agree with you, but not recently...

I'm unemployed as both a pilot and A&P. So far, NOBODY has been interested in me as a mechanic (and I'm not the run of the mill young A&P either). In fact, a certain operator in WY redirected me to the chief pilot as I was filling out the application for an A&P job (but I didn't get that either--perhaps next year).

But everybody I've talked to about being an A&P has been pretty put off by the wet ink on my A&P certificate.

I think it's just a timing thing, because every place I've ever worked is ALWAYS bithcing about how they can't find A&Ps around, but right now there doesn't seem to be much for those of us with no real experience as a liscensed A&P...

I can go today out to FXE and get a job as an A+P paying about $21.00 an hour, so there is still a demand in this part of the woods. When I went to that mech. website my wife just rolled her eyes.
I can go today out to FXE and get a job as an A+P paying about $21.00 an hour, so there is still a demand in this part of the woods. When I went to that mech. website my wife just rolled her eyes.
I'll bite. What makes your experience different than the "run-of-the-mill A&P"? Is there something that would make you more hirable or attractive to an employer, than most other mechanics?

I suspect I know the place you're talking about. Why did the head of maintenance refer you to the CP for a maintenance job? If we're thinking of the same firm, they need 800 hours minimum for copilots, and prefer much higher, and your profile shows 650.

You check any aviation employment site right now, including TAP. You'll find that mechanic jobs are in the majority, while pilot jobs are still in the minority.

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