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9E, 9L, & XJ integration

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Aug 30, 2005
Instead of pronouncing how one group is better than another. Or how one group is going to screw another in integration. Or the company is going to route your contract and liquidate you.

Let's come up with good ways to integrate the 3 lists. SLI should be our mantra. We want to take the good of ALL contracts and make it ours. One combined list, with opportunities for all. Let's show ALPA how it should have been done in the beginning.

This is actually an opportunity. Let's unify and use it.

How about some good ideas in merging the lists.
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I could come up with reasonable ideas for just us and Pinnacle or just us and Colgan but throwing all three together at once will royally screw one group no matter what I come up with so far.... then factor in trying to keep the flow grandfathered for those elligible June 30th makes it even more of a cluster.
yeah its a tough nut to crack. Date of hire screws Colgan and upsets the senior FO's at mesaba. While Intergration creates a windfall for the colgan pilots. Not sure how it will go but we need to do whats best for everyone and not give too much to one group-bottom line most everyone will not be happy-Heck we will not even get the best of all contracts and a substantial raise like the Delta/NWA list intergration
Great idea, but regardless of what you come up with it’s not your decision. The man makes the decision. Yes, that sucks but it’s his money and his people will integrate us as best suited for the company, not the pilots or anyone else.

Our union is swimming in glue right now so I wouldn’t bank on anything other than a magazine from them anytime soon.

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