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Nov 3, 2005
Hey everyone...long time lurker, first time poster! ;)

I have been reading a lot on this site about GJ and it seems that almost everyone is against the airline. While there seem to be several people who are alright with them, I would like to hear more on both sides. I have the opportunity for an interview with them next week, and just would like to hear more of your thoughts. Keep in mind that I'm not really leaning one way or the other right now, so what you say will help me a lot. I really appreciate it! :)
Well, regardless of the pro's/con's, I'm going to stay far far away. I haven't been working in the industry yet, so I don't know the issues, but there seems to be enough anti-GJ people out there that taking a job with them could be pretty harmful to a long term career.... just a thought.......
Regardless of what you think about Hojet pilots being scabs, scumbags, etc, or about the unionbusting effort in general, it's worth realizing that TSA is a crappy company. We have poor work rules, an old contract, and mgmt that fails to abide by the few protections afforded by that contract. You may be about to work for this company without ANY protections whatsoever and there is the distinct possibility that the company will reach an agreement with ALPA and will push you under the bus. We all have to make decisions in life and it looks like you are about to make a big one. Good luck.
For the love of God man, do NOT take the interview with them.

1. Go Jet is a direct threat to the career expectations of Trans States pilots, many of whom are Purdue graduates from 99-05. TSA management could have awarded Go Jet flying to TSA ALPA pilots, the same ones who helped make the profits that started Go Jet in the first place. Instead they started it with a seperate seniority list. Go Jet has and will be whipsawed against Trans States to lower the already marginal contract at TSA. Do you want to be apart of that? Can you look your older friends and former flight instructors in the eye after stabbing them in the back by working for their enemy?

2. As a Go Jet pilot, your name will go on a list, and at this point in your career, you do not want that. Will it hurt you career-wise? Maybe, maybe not, but do you want to risk it? Do you know what Freedom A is? If not, do a search.

3. ASA is interviewing pilots at Purdue TODAY at the Career Fair, and offering trips to ATL to interview for those who do well. Skyway is also at Purdue today. PSA, Regions Air, AirNet, Expressjet, American Eagle, Air Cargo Carriers, etc have been hiring recently. Why are you even considering GJ?

I don't mean to come off crass, but PLEASE PM me or flyer172r for more information. We are recent grads that will get you informed. Don't let Bernie talk you into it, don't go fly a CRJ-700 for less than what TSA pilots currently make on an antiquated contract, don't do it period.
As a Purdue grad. that's been around the block a bit further than BoilerUP (who I submit has very little, if any real-world industry experience), I can't say for sure either way. But hey, evidently he's a mighty Purdue Beechjet pilot so I'm sure he thinks he knows everything since he's been to FlightSafety ONCE. I'd probably try to get on elsewhere, go to as many interviews as you can get invited to and then make your decision if/when an offer comes up. Going to the interview won't hurt you.

I know there's at least one Purdue grad at GJ that evidently thought American Eagle was a worse a$$ whipping than working at GJ...

They might as well wipe their rear end with that "list" they're talking about, that's about as useful as it will ever be...:rolleyes:

P.S. The comment BoilerUP makes about not listening to Bernie speaks volumes about his ignorance. There are scores of CHQ pilots in the top 200 of their seniority list that are pretty happy they "listened to Bernie" ... People were saying the same thing when he started the Chautauqua bridge program. Proves he doesn't know what the heck he's talking about...
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I say take the interview for practice purposes. Then when they offer you the job tell them to go to hell. Use the practice interview to help you get a better job. Especially if it is your first time around.
h25b said:
As a Purdue grad. that's been around the black a bit further than BoilerUP

Is this a racial statement or do you have a New England accent? :eek: :D
SkyBoy1981 said:
Is this a racial statement or do you have a New England accent? :eek: :D

Actually, I was editing that as you were pointing it out. My wife's New York accent is rubbing off. :D
Ever want to ride a jumpseat on an ALPA carrier? I'd look elsewhere for employment.

Again... if a HOJET pilot was on fire, I wouldn't P I S S on him to put him out!
Well, that didn't take too much convincing...I just got done talking to a sim instructor friend of mine and he summed it all up by saying this "Its all about integrity..." Even though GJ looks on paper that it is a great gig...I can't see myself there....guess i'll be sticking it out as a flight instructor a bit longer :(

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