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5000 Posts

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General Lee

Well-known member
Aug 24, 2002
Well, I have done it. I have hit the 5000 mark. And now, I am ready to make a statement: "I, General Lee, will NOT retire from this board." Nah, I have too much fun. Some people think I am a social retard. Some people think I am a caveman with no life. Wrong. I do have a beautiful wife that sometimes thinks that I do spend too much time on this board. But, she knows that I enjoy it, and we still do other things together when I am home.

So, I have an opinion and I express it often. Some people don't like it, some people don't like me. I can't please everyone. I try to give my opinion and I try to back it up as much as I can. To all of the Comair, Jetblue, and SkyWest pilots out there: I don't hate any of you, it just is too easy sometimes to rag on you. But, you like to rag on us at DL too, and with a possible Chap 11 coming up, I am sure there will be more.

I enjoy this board, I have contributed money to this board (and I will again), and I really enjoy avaition and airlines.

I would like to acknowledge some of my "friends" on this board that have made some of the debate really interesting for me, and helping me to rise to the status of "Master Debator" (say that fast):

1. Fins
2. Surplus 1
3. 79%N1
4. Sleepy
5. Ty Webb
6. Lowecur
7. Jetblue320
10. Dave Griffen
11. Micheal707767
12. FDJ2
13. TIM47SIP
14. Russ
15. FL717
16. Skiddrvr
17. Dave Benjamin
18. HeavySet
19. Spinproof
20. Medflyer

I am sure there are others, and I appreciate all of the good debate.

Here's to another 5000 posts by XMAS!!

Bye Bye--General Lee
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Is it true that hot air rises to the top? Congrats and make sure you continue to pull the right stick.;)
Congrats General! I'm looking forward to your next 5000 posts. :)
General: Congrats.

May I suggest finally coming up with an avatar?

We are all curious as to what it reveals about your inner child.
Congrats General, and I second Goggles,you should get an avatar, it's the only face we have here on Flightinfo.
I will look into an avatar. I am trying to make myself as mysterious as possible. And, I think Dave Griffen took the General Lee Car photo.

Bye Bye--General Lee

:)Cheers:) I would lift a glass to your health and providence but I have to run to the airport and bring you some more passengers.

Thanks for making the debate so much fun.

~~~^~~~ ( Rapidly becoming the person my parents warned me about )

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