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3rd Hand Info on SWA training

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SWA Line Swine
Dec 6, 2001
To all SWA Pool Dwellers,

Got this 3rd hand from a F/O friend of mine so take it with a grain of salt. He had a training guy riding jump the other day and found out that they have added a second class for February. Again, just a rumor but I thought I'd throw it out here.

First Quarter 2002 SWA Classes

I was at Higher Power Aviation getting my B-737 type rating from November 26 until December 8, 2001. While there, the folks from Southwest Airlines' People Department briefed us that there will be 7 classes between January 2002 and the end of March, 2002, with 20 new-hires in each class. Best wishes to all and Happy Holidays.
That is great news if it is true. It's still frustrating that a company as well run as SWA can't tell you what class you will be in. Talked to Jennifer the other day and she is still vague about classes. Come on some of us have been in the pool for 3-4 months. What variables are there that prevent her from just saying yes or no to a certain date. For the guys who have been in the pool for 2-4 months none of the variables can possibly change so give us a class date or something to look forward to. I'm just venting of course because when I get the call I'll be relieved, happy and a good little Kool-Aid drinker like everyone else. Before I forget, my stats are; Interviewed in May, Conditional Offer in August, Type rating in Sep.
Keep Swimming
Peace Out
My theory:

If you are pretty much definitely "in," I suspect Jennifer will tell you "something." If you are pretty much definitely "out," I think you'll get the "probably not by April" line.

For everyone else, your class date depends on whether or not the military stop-loss and activated Guard/Reserve guys get released. Current "rumor" is that the stop-loss is being re-evaluated in January. Since none of those guys has probably called Jennifer and volunteered to be moved to the bottom of the list ;) she keeps their slots available until she knows they aren't coming back this month, and she isn't going to suggest you might be "in" and then have you find out later you're not.

So, if you're in the January classes, you already know, and unless she's pretty sure you're in the February class, you aren't going to know for some time. I'm sure she has a rank-ordered list, but unless you're in the "top 10" for the first class of Feb, she probably literally doesn't know which particular class you're in.

I suspect that anyone typed in July has gotten a rough estimate like "by March for sure," the guys typed in August have gotten "definitely by April," and the guys typed in September are getting "we're just not sure yet." If you're later than that, you're in the somewhat distasteful position of having to hope that the stop-loss is extended...

But, just to throw another rumor on the fire, a friend of mine who's just finished IOE told me that the Training Dept has been told to gear up to run THREE classes per month "soon." :)
Thanks for thereply.
Back prior to 9/11 she told me either late Nov or early Dec for a class date. At that time the AF was not on StopLoss. Since then they have run three classes and have two classes filled for Jan. When I last talked to her the best she could tell me was Springtime for a class date. I even asked her to give me two scenarios, one with StopLoss and one without but she was very vague. Checking the Pool List it looks like someone with a late August type rating is in the Jan 3 class. That makes no sense at all. In a business where seniority counts for everything the sooner you get a class the better.
See you in Dallas
Pool time SWA

Well, I was offered cond. Aug. and typed Sep. No word yet. I was also told Nov/Dec. (no stop loss) A guy who interviewed the same day without a type but who obtained it during the offer wait is on line for 2 months. A guy I know prior to 9/11 went through the process without the type last Jan and was in class in early Jul. It was 6 months without type and 4 months with. If you were on track. That's civilian though. God knows what the military time-line runs. I have heard many different inconsistancies. Now it seems almost random if you look at some of the stats. on the "unofficial pool list". I'm not calling Jen, why bother. She said "let's stay in touch." Has she actually called anyone? The last statement was: "We'll have to check everyones availability by year end." You will get the call by a chief pilot, the end. I'll just be happy when it comes. If I go in April It'll be 10 MONTHS. But I keep thinking about the multitudes on the street and I am comforted.:cool:
SWA Pool Dwellers,

Here's some more third hand info for ya. I talked to a friend who works as a sim instructor for SWA. They were told to expect three classes in February, two classes in March and three classes in April. They also heard that they should plan on training between 650-700 pilots in 2002. Sounds like the SWA machine is getting cranked up to go after some serious market share in '02'.
Is that a light at the end of the tunnel or am I going to be flattened by a train.
Keep on treading
What is AVcareer.TV & is it on the internet, cable, etc? Never heard of it but it sounds interesting, thanks,


It is a web site. I think www.avcareer.tv will work. I watched part of the first one and was very disappointed. It is kind of neat technology but you never got to see the interviewee just the host asking questions and then the answer just came from behind the screen.:mad: Anyway since I have a cable modem and am interviewing with SWA this month then I will probably watch again to see if it has gotten better.


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