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3 Day Flight Takes 11 Days Longest Ferry Flight Yet! Long!!!

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Oct 13, 2005
Hey, Everyone

Just got back off my worst ferry flight Yet! Yea, an estimated 3 day trip took 11 day's!

Day 1 Leave PDX to Louisville get to the airplane start the pre flight I notice fuel tanks are bone dry??? Seller said he drained the fuel & put it in his helicopter an R22. We tow the airplane & fuel it up! I Start Overlooking This 1960 Cessna 210 log books & head back to the motel start reviewing the books in more detail I notice that the annual inspections for the last 5 years the only thing that was replaced was a fuel batter???? I also notice that the ELT battery is also expired?

Day 2, Meet seller at a cafe and have breakfast I talk with the seller tell him about the ELT. We go to the airport they find a battery that expired in December and install it & test it. Pre flight went good! I hopped in to this bird went to start it no go just a click the local mechanic was there came out with jumper cables, we start it up but I notice I still have no power nor is it charging?? I shut it down the mechanic dropped the gear door’s & said there was a bad connection or something? I fired it back up every thing checked out ect.

I go do the run up the engine & hydraulic flaps seems to be ok :) radios seem a little flaky. I taxi out and take off I stay with in glide distance of the runway cycle the gear & test gear warning systems all seems ok.

My first stop is in KLSE I drop the Gear? Waiting for the light Ummm no light and radios blink off and then back on I get a down & locked light I turn final & land.

Fuel Up and off to KFAR this is where the fun begins I tune in to the twin citys I here aircraft calling broken & unreadable, I get a bit closer still broken & unreadable on both radios has me a bit confused. I here aircraft calling maintain VFR altitude at or above 8,500 while over class B squawk XXXX, About 10 miles out they finally can here me told me to cleared in to class B if I wanted lower & if I went lower than 8,500 to fly heading XXX. I kept my present heading & altitude. I get to KFAR Upon landing there was no right break. I taxi to parking call the owner & tell him I am unable to carry on for the evening gave him the maintenance phone # to have the break fixed.

Day 3, maintenance calls up says they cannot get it in the shop untill late that afternoon I look at the weather not good a system is moving in along my route & the way the radios were acting up I decided to X this plane from any IFR flight.

Day, 4 On ground due to low ceilings and poor visibility.

Day 5, Weather looking good go out to the airport they fuel the plane clean it windshield ect. I preflight all looks good hop in crank it over it pops off then shuts down, I go for it again all I here is click, click, click, I am thinking low battery! Its about 34 degrees out!

I hop out walk over to the jet center to have them bring their jump truck out. The line guy & I were talking while a 310 taxied by I said smells like that guy is burning. We get up to the 210 he is asking me how this older model 210 fly’s. We here the gyros start spooling up I am baffled I open the door get a nice cloud of smoke??? I check the master it’s off! Next thing I here is the line guy saying flames are coming from the left gear door! Well I immediately open the baggage door I ask for a wrench & disconnect the battery. The line guy runs to get a fire extinguisher. He returns & I put the fire out! I Have a Photo Line Guy Took!

Line services call the on call mechanic they tow this bird in t the shop & remove the battery & start taking it apart for diagnostics. What was found Bad Contact Switch burnt Up!!!! Old Wiring!!! And Bad Connection’s caused a large draw in amperage causing electrical failure/short. They did not stock the parts had to order on Monday.

Day 6, 7, 8, 9, On the ground! Get a call on day 7 that I would be there till Wednesday evening as they had to rewire the entire airplane to its bus bar’s to make it airworthy. Get a call late afternoon on day 9 Wednesday airplane is ready to go.

Day 10, Thursday I once again go to the airport pre flight every thing seems ok. I hop in start it up man it the starter turn the prop wow I was impressed. I did a radio check Fargo tower said I was loud & clear seam’s the radios were getting plenty of power now.

I departed to my destination, CYMM

What a world of difference in that electrical system.

Landed in Regina, SK, CANADA to clear customs had an a-hole inspector nice 3 hour delay!

I Fuelled up and this was my way last leg of this trip. Now that the radios & everything seems to be working ok I decided it was with in my comfort lever for night flight. I departed & about 4 hours later was in communication with CYMM Tower winds 260, 28 cleared to land on 25. I come in nice & soft I feel a hard left pull on landing??? I was like now what I am thinking maybe the left break was stuck I test it nope its working. I taxi off the runway I opened my door shine the flash light at the wheel no shi* tire was flat!

I called tower/ground to see if there was service available as I had a flat tire but FBO’s tug was out of service figures! So I taxi to the FBO inspect the tire what do I find looked like a piece of safety wire must have picked it up in Regina.

I called the owner told him I had arrived he was surprised I made it there so fast he figured I would have shut down for the night in Regina.

I told him to bring an air bottle to put some air in a flat tire he brings a can of fix a flat hehehehe. He airs up the tire we taxi it to parking & go out to eat, book me a flight home, I get a motel room for the night.

Wow what a ride that was! That 210 seemed to have an excellent engine. But really needed avionics & instrument work!!!!![FONT=&quot] I just hope the seller takes better care & maintains his helicopter better than he did his airplane
Day 11, We settle up & I head for home
Was an intresting & long mission! Wow I am glad that one is over!:nuts:
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awacs941 said:
Could anything else go wrong with that plane?

Well the new owner bought it sight unseen that was his first mistake and he is expecting to learn to fly in it! it's a little bit to much of an airplane for a trainer.
I have to admit, I might have done something like that when I was 19.

Today, I wouldn't fly a piece of junk like that around the patch. That airplane sounds like it needs a quality annual inspection, probably $10K or more in repairs, or it's gonna hurt someone...
You don't have to answer, but what kind of money do you get paid for something like that, if you don't mind?
NW_Pilot said:
I go do the run up the engine & hydraulic flaps seems to be ok :) radios seem a little flaky.
Are the flaps in a 210 hydraulic? I woulda figured they'd be electically operated like of the other Cessnas
A Squared said:
Are the flaps in a 210 hydraulic? I woulda figured they'd be electically operated like of the other Cessnas

you're right, i don't know what this guy is talking about.

Art V.
A Squared said:
Are the flaps in a 210 hydraulic? I woulda figured they'd be electically operated like of the other Cessnas

Not those old ones. Eng. driven HYD pump if I recall.

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