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3 Airnet Questions

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Old School
Aug 18, 2005
Hi, just curious about a few thing w/ Airnet. First, does Airnet provide any recommended housing info for the respective bases, or are you on you're own to find a place to rent? Secondly, in the first year are you chances of getting a Baron, 310, or Chieftan out of training equal, or do you work your way through them all? And last, does the 5 weeks of training count towards the one year of employment? It sounds like a great company to work for, I just want to weigh my options.

Airnet does not, to my knowledge anyway, provide any info on housing at the bases. This was one of the greatest causes of stress to me during training because you know that when you're pass your checkride you're exected to pick up on short notice and start living somewhere else very quickly. What I did was just find a couple places near the more common bases like TEB, BHM, LCK, etc that were short term- like renting a room. That way you can move on pretty short notice and then look for an apartment if you want one while you're there. I know that they're also considering changing the system to one where they hire for specific bases, which would allow much more advance planning of living arrangements, but I have no idea if they'll elect to go in that direction or not.

Coming out of training, you will be trained in a Baron regardless of whether or not you'll be flying one on your run. As far as getting assigned a run with a specific aircraft, your chances are equal for any one of the four airplanes. Baron, C310, Navajo and Caravan are all assigned to new guys out of training on an as-needed basis and you chances are equal for getting any one of them.

Your employment starts with Airnet when you pass your Baron Checkride. Consequently, that is also when your 1 yr. starts. You'll pass the Baron checkride near the end of your third week or the beginning of your fourth week in training. The rest of the planned 5 weeks of training is to account for IOE and training in another aircraft if you get a non-baron run. Once you pass the Baron checkride you start making salary in addition to the per-diem that you've been getting through training, and your 1 year clock starts on your contract.

Hope this helps, these would all be good questions to ask of Craig in the interview because things do change from time to time and he might have some other information- but this is the way it was in Februrary. Good luck.

Has anyone been hired by Airnet as SIC that did not meet the 135 PIC mins. If so, what were your times and what did you sit on.
NYCPilot said:
Has anyone been hired by Airnet as SIC that did not meet the 135 PIC mins. If so, what were your times and what did you sit on.

Yes, I know a guy that had around 1000 hours. Apparently he would do the training then get placed on a high time run to get him to 1200 rather quickly.
Of the 6 new hires in training right now 2 are 135 qualified. The other 4 had above 1000 hours. (at least thats what our jumpseater told me)

To add what Milehigh said about housing... The company will provide reinbursment of up to $50 per day towards a hotel in your new assigned base while you find an apartment/housing. However they will only do that for the first 7 days, then after that you are on your own.
1- No help with finding housing, however, a quick search on something like apartments.com will get a boatload of info. I never really had the stress of moving that was suggested earlier, i always found it fun to move around alot, and yes my wife and daughter liked it just as well.

2- Guaranteed a/c is another NO. You will be trained in the 58, but as has already been said as well, you may fly anything that the run you select has on it. You will also not know your run until you pass that 58 ride, so asking about junior bases is completely out of the question until you get your first ride and then talk with Quinn about open runs.

3- I believe the answer to your last question has also been answered.

So are you looking to build the infamous multi time to move on after a year? Just wondering, because i have seen this happening a lot lately. Airnet has become a multi time building airline so that people can move on after there year is up and go fly an RJ. It used to be a good place to stay for a career, if you didn't mind the nights. Now with pay cuts and no more raises, it is been downgraded to timebuilding only pretty much. I have yet to hear of anyone hired in the last year or two who wish to stay for a long time. Most of them don't even stay for the jet anymore, they know they will make more money and have about the same upgrade time going to a regional.

NYCpilot...yes, we will hire SIC's, i think the average is around 1000tt. Back in the day they hired MUCH lower time guys, and i bet we will see this happen again since we are hard up to find pilots anymore. I was hired with 500 tt and a friend of mine was hired with 425tt...most of it was multi, but back then they would hire very low time guys and put them into the system to build their time. Both of us got 58 runs out of DAL and TUL...not high time runs, but back then they would let you choose the run you wanted to SIC on. It took 8 months to get the 135 mins, but it was nice to get used to flying the way we do and learn what was expected of us before we were thrown into a 58 right after passing your checkride. Ahhhh....the good ole days of Airnet, man what happened!
Is it difficult to get a floater position? And with everybody leaving have upgrades from the right seat to the left in the lear gone down?
I figure if I get hired, see how the 12 month thing goes and decide from there. It sounds like a heck of alot of flying, but it sounds like a top notch operation as far as training and mx goes. I probably wouldn't stay longer than the 12 months, but who's to say? How often does Airnet do re-current training?
Nothing wrong with only staying your 12 month contract, like i said, that seems to be what we have become. In all actuality it makes sense to do it that way now, whereas we used to be a good place to hang out and wait for the majors.

Recurrent is every 6 months, everything from your initial training, but more precise since you should know how to do it better by this point.

Good luck if you decide to take this route, we still are a good company with great mx, we have just changed a little which no longer makes us a long term viable option for most.

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