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2nd Chance with SWA

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Reapply as soon as you are able. I know at least 2 guys that got hired the second time around.

Interviewed in 1991. Passed the interview and was advanced to the medical. Passed the medical but was turned down by the pilot review board for not having enough jet PIC time. I have been on file now for the last 14 years and not been called. Still hopeful though!

Good luck;

ASA Captain,

GuppyWn is correct...at the 1 year anniversary apply. The good thing is that you met SWA's requirements one time, nothing says you shouldn't be competitive the next time...how long before the call for the 2nd time around? That is a difficult call for sure. I don't know what the criteria is for that 2nd call but certainly some of the following "might" be a factor:

1. How did you do the first time? Were references called? If so then you at least impressed some folks enough to have your package looked at closely at the DB.

2. Has your resume improved since last time? Maybe you were just min timing it last time & now you've got 500 more PIC time. Maybe added another qual, check airman, training capt, etc...any of these will make you more competitive the next time around.

3. Updating your resume is the first & obvious step...make sure you do that at the first eligible date.

4. Continue to network with buds at SWA, other contacts, professional organizations where SWA may appear, etc.

5. Commute on SWA whenever you can, do the standard things that everyone talks about...observe & listen & learn...see the culture, determine what appeals to you & how the SWA culture meshes with yours (it doesn't for everyone)

Nothing eye opening in the info above but hang in there. SWA luvs folks who are willing to try again & aren't afraid to stick there neck out for something they really want. Good luck to you & to all the others who give SWA the opportunity to see them. Happy New Year & happy landings....cheers,
I hope I didn't do so poorly that I have been marked or something. I know what I did wrong. I wish I could have a do over but I will just have to keep trying for a second shot.

I keep my app updated. I don't get a lot of flight time every year due to seniority and the type of trips I fly. I am trying for an instructor slot.

I just keep trying.
If it's not too personal, could you elaborate on what you think you might have done wrong? If you don't want to post it, could you maybe pm me?
On the LOI, I didn't use all my resources. I got nervous because of a misunderstanding in the briefing, and forgot about a resource.:( I also didn't do a very good debrief.

During the 1 on 1, a situation I used as how I dealt with a conflict was, well , wrong. Instead of asserting command, I adapted to a different personality than my own. I wish I could have explained it better. But I realize that what I did was not the proper way to handle it. I never thought I lost the command differential flying with this person, I just didn't like his personality. I handled it by assuming some of his personality traits. A mistake in and of itself. I was stupid enough to bring it up in an interview.:erm:

I since have had to deal with a conflict that I am proud to use in an interview, if I can get a second chance.

We all make mistakes. I try to learn from them, and my failed interview was a slap in the face.

Thanks for the reply. I hope you are successful next time. I've also know of several people who were turned down the first time and got it on the second go round!! Best of luck.

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