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126 day left of Prater.....

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Well-known member
May 16, 2005
Then we can attempt to fix this profession and our union.

Fellow ALPA members: Did you get your email from John announcing his re-election effort? John is the worst president our union has ever had, and we simply can't afford to have him on the job for another term. Email him and ask him to politely withdraw at [email protected]

John has continuously sought to evade the responsibility of advocating and protecting the careers of the entire membership. John believed in brotherhood and in a near Confucian committment to seniority when he was junior and when he fought Lorenzo. But when it became his responsibility to advocate and protect the careers of others, he betrayed us. And I believe he will continue to betray and neglect us. He is in no way demonstrating the same leadership that ALPA afforded him as a junior member in crisis.

ALPA's best choice to replace Prater has yet to be revealed. Paul Rice wants the job, but I think we will see a better candidate emerge soon. For now, let's tell Prater to pack his desk and get back to the line.
Judging from the postings I read a few years ago, one would've thought that Duane Woerth was the worst ALPA President ever. I guess it doesn't take long for one to earn that title ?
yawn...give me specific things he did wrong, not just generalized statements.

Screwed with and failed to manage USAir. Resulted in millions lost in dues and careers of those involved in turmoil. ALPA MCF is woefully inadequate for what awaits us in the near term. Flight and duty time not done. His pet project Crewpass, not done. Not even close. Retirement age change debacle.

I don't know what the guy has done right. Do you? His own MEC is not going to support his re-election. In fact, we'll probably come out against him. That's quite telling if you think about it.....
Vote the bum out. He and his hitchmen spin like a top.

What has he done in reality?

1) Showed a complete lack of leadership concerning the America West/US Air merger

2) Showed a complete lack of leadership during the UAL/CAL April 2008 merger talks

3) Encouraged the furlough of 1500 UAL pilots to prep UAL for a merger

4) Showed a complete lack of leadership regarding fatigue, hiring standards, and airline safety for two years and now claims ALPA victory on the back of the efforts by the 49 families of the Colgan crash.

5) Failed to challenge Virgin America's foreign ownership stance

6) Failed to prevent stage one of the open skies with Europe

7) Failed to stop Canadian operation from flying cabatog charter operation within US domestic airspace in a timely manner bankrupting Sun Country and damaging Miami Air and other legal US operations from flying the stolen flights Canadian operators had no right to fly but did for a protracted period

8) Supported Obama for president

9) Supported age 65 because as he said it was inevitable

10) Failed to add any non-union American carrier to the ALPA ranks such as JetBlue or Skywest

Prater sucks and if you don't know it you have not been paying attention!

Spin away, SPIN MISTERS!
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yawn...give me specific things he did wrong, not just generalized statements.

How about giving alpa battlestar pins to pilots at atlas that crossed polar picket lines in 2005. Check the feb/2008 issue of alpa magazine to see the statement of regret issued by Prater. BTW many of these same pilots were scabs at EAL. Many pilots at Atlas did honor the polar picket lines and should be given pins but rather than single them out alpa gave battle star pins to the entire group including the scabs that flew polar freight.

Age 65, alpa puts out a national survey to get our views on the age 65 rule change. More than 60% favor keeping age 60 in effect, until alpa national biased the survey. Statement from Chris Lynch at the time on the executive council, we biased the survey because most older pilots are less computer savy and thus less likely to respond to surveys, so when we gave them additional credit it came out 50/50 and we went ahead in support of change so we could be party of the rulemaking process.

Just my 2 cents, in the end our reps will decide.
Under his watch, AirTran is now ALPA. Although some of my fellow pilots might disagree, it has been a night and day difference from our in house union to ALPA.

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