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100 multi hrs for 5,500 bones

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Apr 13, 2002
Wow, any of you time builders out there see this months issue of flying??

There was a add for 100hrs in a duchess for 5, 500 dollars. I cant seem to believe this, I paid 158.00 an hr in a seneca to get my multi. shessh.

Anyway, wondering if anyone has done that program at Ft.pierce?

Sounds like Ari Ben.

There is a "diversity of opinion" here, but I wouldn't go there.
Try Lenair Aviation in California.
If you cross the Everglades, you can go to Gulfstream Airlines and pay 18000 for 250 hrs. ME-Turbine time for about 70-75/hr. You also get to wear a uniform and a hat. You may even have a job when you're done.
SDdriver posted

Do the above and see where that gets you!"

What do you mean? Get where? To a major? To a better paying job? The fact that several of Gulfstream's pilots are at American, United, Delta, Northwest, Southwest, etc? Why would the majors hire these guys if Gulfstream is such a detestable place?
That program has been around for years. Its actually 100 hrs with 2 pilots, one acting as safety pilot. You dont get the airplane all to yourself.
Wow, I just waded through the posts about gulfstream.

Questions: Why are all these guys are bashing PFT? Who payed for thier CFI's and such? I'm I missing something? Looks to me like this gulfstream is a another place to train on high preformance aircraft.

All civil pilots PFT at some point in thier flight training, these gulf guys are just taking it to another level.

See what happens when you fly in 90 heat all day with stanking students in a 150. Bitterness :) just kidding CFI's im not even to that point, but I did get a Multi in FLA, fuggin hot flying! I respect those DAB instructors...ouch!

Besides, at least your flying the 1900 instead of watching students fly all day and log landings. Cant tell you how bad some of the CFIs I've experienced were at handling the airplane. They could recite FARS, but would crack the landing gear in half on most landings.

Anyway, I'm glad I found this place, what a wealth of imformation.
Mac, I think you're right. You might have missed something.

Go to the Gulfstream post, and read mine.

Summary: everyone is responsible (military excepted) for their training up to the point where it is accepted practice for an employer to provide specialized training for their operation. As an airline hiree, you are a professional, and most professionals' advanced training is provided by their firm. Some "airlines" try to circumvent the professional standard by exploiting pilots. How? If a carrier wishes to have two pilots in their airplane, for whatever reason, that carrier should hire and train two pilots. If they offer a position to a pilot on the condition that he pay for his advanced training, they are taking a paid position from the pool of jobs that should be available to pilots. Lastly, PFT operations lower the professional standard of our industry to that of prostitute and pimp, and most pilots feel this is bad.

One clarification: Simcom and FlightSafety are examples of "...another place to train on high preformance aircraft".
They have no unwitting pasengers who are also paying.

A school has no passengers.
Hey fixin2lnd or whatever,

I have been in this industry since the early 90's and I went through the early 90's without a job, I am very proud that I am flying today and I have never I mean NEVER!!!!!! paid for training.

THat is the crap that ruined this industry from the start. IF company's know that you will pay for the right seat, then why in the hell should they pay you to sit in it?? We have to all get together and show them that we will not stand for that, when our initial training is done and we are qualified to sit in that right seat, or left seat for that matter, we should be paid for it and paid well, I mean didn't it cost enough to get the initial ratings?? Why in the world would you want to pay for 250 hours in the damm right seat logging SIC time when you can be paid??? You will never understand that if you would band together with the rest of us and force them to pay us, this wouldn't even be a problem. oh hell I am tired of waisting my breath....freaking PFT!
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