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06/23/09...Commuting just got impossible

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I am assuming youre talking about the Delta switch over?

A lot of people here at XJ are royally pissed right now. 20+ year employees losing crazy amount of seniority with this new Delta pass crap.

Now the new hire Delta janitor’s buddies, and parents have more travel seniority over the 20 year CA/FA/manager/CSA/Mechanic/rampy/dispatcher...etc. It’s crazy

Things were A LOT better under the old NWA/Airlink program. Not this crap.
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Think how the 9e guys feel about it...at least you still have flight benefits.
I'm happy I dont commute anymore...getting my S3C downgraded to an S4 - equivalent with a damned buddy pass rider just because I was riding a DCI carrier...

The new system sucks....
If you are having a tough time getting to work, try a pinnale flight, you will bump all their employees off so that gives you more priority.

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