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Yet Another SW Interview Question...

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Well-known member
Jan 16, 2002
Does the DB evaluate each candidate in "competition" against the others, or do they make the hire/no hire decision for each candidate based on whether they want that person at SW? IOW, if you've got 50 great candidates for one DB, and a so-so group for the next DB, do an equal amount of people still get selected out of each group?

I ask because I know this has been a problem at some other airlines. You could interview with a group of unusually stellar applicants and not make the grade, yet if only you'd come in a week earlier you might have been a standout, so you're out of luck.

The board evaluates each applicant against a "standard" which is applied to each DB applicant. There is no quota for each DB to choose from so regardless of whether you are in a "strong" group or "weak" group, it still comes down to how you performed in the interview & what your overall package looks like. Hope that helps,

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