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Xbox or PS2?

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relief tube

Well-known member
Jan 24, 2003
on reserve now after upgrade and looking to get a console to pass the time while waiting to get called. Last system I had was SNES (sad, huh), so just curious which do you think is better, Xbox or PS2. (Not looking into worrying about PS3 or Xbox360 when they come out for $250)

Not really caring much about playing dvds on em or playing online w/others, but what is the best overall, with the best single and multiplayer games? Mostly like racing and 1st person shooters. Just a little of the sports ones.

Thanks in advance.
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Have a good friend/ IT computer guy who just bought an X-box and regrets it. I have the new(er) PS2 slim, it's got the network card built-in and fits easily into my flight bag along to take on overnights. Really, it depends on which games you want to play. If you like final fantasy, it's not on X-box. You might consider waiting a few months since the PS3 and Xbox 360 should be out for Christmas season. They both look pretty cool.
Too bad it isn't around christmas time yet. That's when the new X Box 360 is supposed to come out. I was looking at some screen shots from some of the 360 games on their website the other day and it looks pretty sweet. Far better than anything else that's out right now. Personally, I prefer the X Box. The graphics are better than the PS2.
Get a PSP, you can carry it on you in the cockpit or lock it in your flight kit so the rampers won't crush it or steal it when they get a hold of your bag.
Xbox graphics are better, PS2 has more game choices (but supposedly that is going to start evening out with the advent of the Xbox 360...xbox still has a decent selection). I have an Xbox and really enjoy it. I personally like the feel of the controllers better than the PS2.
I bought my Xbox 2 years ago. I had 4 years of experience playing games on PS2 (all through college, guess that's why my grades were the way they were!) I liked the PS2 but read some good things about Xbox and I'm glad I went that way.
You can get a new xbox for around $130 on ebay.
haha, i won $500 in games the other week at www.mohpromos.com in operation clipped wings, only time i've ever won anything in my life.

I got PS2 games. All the new 06 games, pre-release. Muahahaha...though I hardly play PS2 at all. I'll probably sell most of em when I get em.
ooouuh yeah, snap into a slim jim.
Xbox for sure
You'll have to carry an extra bag to bring an X-box along on trips with you. But if it's just a crash-pad device, Halo and halo 2 are probably worth the x-box. Nothing on PS2 comes close. It really depends on what kind of games you're in to.

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