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World’s biggest goober…

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Does the program also have a virtual ban

does that program also have virtual furloughs during this period of economic duress???????
Travolta dorkism

flywithastick said:
I don't know... anyone who can buy one and fly it has earned the right to wear whatever they want, IMO.
But it is insipid, you must admit. It reminds me of a couple of radio wannabes when I was in that business. At least one wasn't good enough to be hired as an announcer on his own. He was a good time salesman and made money, so he bought a radio station in town and inserted himself on morning drive.

I appreciate Draginass' comments about virtual bankruptcies, etc. Now, if you bought that computer and flight program and had to pay to learn how to "fly" it, would that be virtual P-F-T? :)
Draginass said:
Does the program also have a virtual bankruptsy where it takes away 40% of your pay, retirement, and decreases your days off? Or even better still, it has a software lock that prevents you from using the program for 3 years simulating a furlough.

No, but I'm going to hack into the happy and content DVA (Dragin's Virtual Airline) program and plant a virus that will eradicate your virtual industry-leaing contract, while at the same time electronically sending in rank upon rank of eager virtual PFT fly-for-free grads hired by DVA's management thus bringing down everyone's wages and QOL to never-before-seen lows in the entire history of the virtual industry. If you strike and walk a virtual picket line I won't even bother with virtual scabs because I have old-style virtual Pinkertons on horseback at the ready, armed with virtual yard-long rosewood batons.

And why am I'm gonna do all this? Well, just so I can kick back and watch you go virtually ape-sh*t.:D
Mile High Club

TMMT said:
Yea, true?

But imagine when he logs on to his fav porn site with that monster of a computer!

Talk about virtual sex!!!

I wonder if he has joined the Mile High Club?
What does he do in his free time? Work on patents in his virtual operation room?

Re: combat goober

SushiSlayer said:

Here's one for you. Wonder if he's got his shop compressor online?

Was this the guy you were talking about?


This guy's incredible! He's gone way beyond dork into the very impressive level. This guy must have $30-40G's not to mention thousands of hours of time in this thing! I'm impressed... just get a simulated mil haircut before having your pic taken for the web site!

Probably can't afford anything more than a single wide trailer after building this sim!
Holy CRAP!!!!! I sure could use the $$$$$ these people are paying for their fun.

I have to admit, it would be way too cool to have something like this at my residence but for the money they are paying, I bet I could purchase a REAL plane and still have enough for fuel and hangar rent.
Wholly cow, there's more than one of them!! I wonder if they've met head to head?

Just think of all the real time these guys *could* be getting with all that dough spent!!

That thing doesn't even have a cup holder.
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