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Will VLJ Jets hurt Fractionals?

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They tried to do it before 9/11. I'm sure they will try it again.

Sad thing is the regional you're flying is using ab initio too.

That being said i'd rather ride the regionals.
gunfyter said:
Fractionals will use them with Ab-initios to ferry crews to fractional planes....
I don't like riding some of the regionals now. Think we will get in the back of a VLJ with the 500hr wonders? NOT. Move over Skippy, I'll drive.
If the frax DO start moving crews around in VLJs, it is my sincere hope that at least ONE of crew is solidly line certified (read: a high-time jet pic). I too, get enough stress riding on some of the regionals.
On Your Six said:
this service might be ideal for quick, same-day trips within your region.

Speed is not such a big deal in some regions like the Northeast which is full of chronic delays during both the winter and summer.

Sounds like a job for a King Air.
When I got into this business of fractional ownership, someone told me, "a jet is like drugs - they all start small, but all will want to get into the bigger, faster stuff"

The VLJ programs will help the fractional industry - good intro program into riding in a business jet. Individuals and companies will be able to try the effectiveness of business jet usage - will like it - and want to move to more "capable" faster jets, with proven history and well trained pilots. Kind of like going from a taxi to a sedan service. If you've done this - you'll never go in a taxi again (unless you have to!).

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