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Who pays travel cost to interview?

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Active member
May 24, 2002
Do companys such as Baron Aviation,Martinair, and other Caravan
operators pay for travel to Job interviews?
I had a interview, but was afraid to bring it up becauss I don't the protocal for these entry level type interviews. As everyone here knows interviews can be very costly and most companys seem to be interviewing a larger percentage of pilots than they hire(read this as you may be spending money and not getting the Job).

Most airlines will give you passes to fly on thier airplanes, but they won't buy you a ticket.

JetBlue does.

Or at least they did when I interviewed with them in Nov 2000. They also paid for my hotel, taxi, and a couple of meals.
I think that is a good indication of whether its a good quality operator or some cheapskates. We've always paid the air, hotel and food (dinner conversation is good to know if we're going to enjoy being out on the road with them) for our interviewees.

Really, if the operator is worried about a $200 for a ticket, what's going to happen when the PT-6's are up for their $100,000 overhaul.

That's the cost of doing business. Operators that are so short sighted are bad for the industry in general.

On the other hand we as pilots are just as bad, if you turn down the interview because they won't pay for the airfare, then I'm sure that operator has at leat 100 other resumes sitting in front of him that are willing to pay their way "to build time to a major."

You're going to pay for training, you might as well pay for the interview.

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