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Average Joe
Mar 14, 2005
1000 total
350 multi
170 turbine
150 instrument

I have looked around, still haven't found a place I can apply to. What should I be looking for in my numbers? I've heard 2,000 total a min. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

I've read through these cargo forums, I have never flown cargo, but it seems like everyone loves it. QOL and pay seem to be better than other sectors like regionals.
Well, if you're wanting to fly freight PIC, you need to get your TT up to 1200 first (135 mins), but if you're looking for an SIC job then your times look pretty good. Not sure who all hires SICs out there, but there are a lot of guys around on this board who can answer that. Good luck. ;)
Cargo job

Check out Air Cargo Carriers out of MKE. A friend of mine just started a few days ago and he's only got 500 TT. They are getting those guys SIC types in the Shorts for Int'l flying.

The starting is not that great, but once you upgrade to captain with your 1200 TT you can bank some $$$.

Here's their web: www.aircar.com
Thanks... does your friend enjoy it? I currently fly air ambulance and that is ok.. I need to get my time up to 135mins.... and then some

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