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Where to live near IAH?

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The plane I solo'd in
Mar 31, 2003
Hey all...

I'm going to be relocating to Houston sometime in the next few months. Job is on the south end of IAH property. I've never been to Houston before, and was wondering if any of you would have suggestions on good areas of the city to stay/rent in. I'd be looking to rent from 6 most - 1 year before buying property. I have no wife, no kids, no girlfriend if that helps. I'd rent a room/share an apartment with one of you all, too, no big deal. It's probably going to be awhile before I will sign on the dotted line so to speak, but I would at least like to know where to start looking, and what the good areas of town will cost me. I probably won't move in until April or May, but might actually need to start looking in January.

El Bucho said:
North Carolina is about as close to Houston as I'd want to get, maybe Tennessee :)


Darn. This job ain't "commutable" in the airline sense, and unfortunately, if I don't accept this job, the last two years of my life went down the drain.
i agree with vector on Austin. How ever if you did have to live in the wonderfull low crime-low humidity Houston area i'd probally go with the Conroe area
If your single and want some nightlife I'd live in the loop. The Heights, Galleria area, around Rice University, etc. Conroe is nice but it's a far out suburb with zero nightlife and about 45-50 minutes to the airport. Some other nice suburbs are the Woodlands (30-40 minutes) and Kingwood (15-25 minutes) and Atascacita (15-20 minutes). If you want to live super cheap real close by live in Greenspoint but be warned it's not a nice area. It's nicknamed Gunpoint for a reason. There are a few other okay areas too like northwest of the airport off of FM1960. A lot of people really rag on Houston but I enjoyed living there. The cost of living is great. The nice areas are very beautiful with lots of greenery, and I loved the weather. There are a lot of ugly areas like in any city so don't live there and you'll like it. There is a lot of traffic in certain areas too but almost none in others. Good luck.
Conroe has a night life, but you have to know where to find it. Its best if you like the country and western themes. The best things that I liked about Conroe was the outdoor recreational activities, if you're into that. Taxes and auto insurance are cheaper in Montgomery County by far.

I personally don't care for Greenspoint (Gunspoint) or Imperial Valley areas, but they are convienient to IAH.
Regardless of location, temper your decission based on the fact that travel times for work commute are tempered by traffic conjection during peak travel periods for many areas in Houston while others suffer bad traffic regardless of the time of day. I would also second the 1960/Champions area, even the Cypress/Cy Fair area a little further south but the FM 1960 route to I-45 tends to get a little slow durign commute due to large number of traffic lights along route but there are alternates to make life easier.

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