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Where do you go?

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Well-known member
Jul 27, 2002
this is my situation, currently flying 135 on-call 24/7 with no time off unless you use a vacation day, per diem sucks, as well as the pay, but building time in a c550 sII as sic they (the company) will not send anyone to get typed but rather hire someone off the street typed,also adding pic in kingair, the delima is do i make the jump to the regionals which i meet the mins for or hold out for fractionals with the ultimate goal of the majors?
Where do you go??? It really depends on what YOU want to do. I would say go to the fracs....but thats just me. You need to weigh all the factors...pay, schedule, quality of life...etc.

You probably should ask this on the regional board, but if your goal is a fractional to major I would stay put cause your flying now is closer to the type the fracs do and the equipment is similar.


Are any decent regionals hiring? Decent=non-PFT
is it easier to transition to the majors from the regionals? lets say comair or asa to delta
or aca to united

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