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Where did Mokulele go? Did they already stop Hawaii E170 flying?

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Well-known member
Feb 25, 2006
I have a friend over there in Honolulu and he said he hasn't seen one of their E170s in awhile. Did they already stop flying and give everything to Go! ??? When are they going to move the planes to LGA or wherever?
Yep, all Mokulele operations ended on October 15th - the planes have been ferried back to mainland, and the pilots were unilaterally displaced to LGA. For all intents and purposes, Mokulele no longer exists. Move along, nothing to see here.
Thanks for the update. Wow, that would be rough for those pilots to spend the winter in the Midwest/Northeast vs. sunny Honolulu. I would have loved a 6-9 month tour flying around the islands - sure, it would have been a bit boring after awhile but you can't beat those views. At least those pilots got a good experience (in an expensive location) and will have some nice memories during the upcoming snow delays...
RAH opens and closes bases like a book of matches, but I'm sure their moving expenses are covered in their contract.:rolleyes:

actually it is :

Moving Benefits
A pilot eligible under the preceding paragraph shall be entitled to:
1. Actual moving expenses for a professional mover, including
packing materials, shipping and insurance, of household goods and
effects up to a total weight of 10,000 lbs. Packing, unpacking, extra
insurance and storage are not covered. The mover must be
approved by the Company.
2. The Company will reimburse a pilot at the current Company
mileage rate or $.36 per mile, whichever is greater, for up to two (2)
of the pilot’s registered vehicles driven to the new domicile, using
the most direct mileage between domiciles. One car may be
moved prior to the move of the primary residence, and the other (or
both) cars would be moved in conjunction with the actual move.
3. The Company will reimburse a pilot for meals and lodging for the
pilot and his immediate family for the time required to travel to the
domicile up to five days. A pilot will be removed from trips and payprotected
for the trips missed which conflict with the time allowed
for travel. A day of travel shall be considered a minimum of three
hundred fifty (350) miles by the most direct AAA mileage. The daily
allowance for meals shall be $25.00 per day for the pilot, $25.00
per day for the spouse traveling with the pilot, and $15.00 per day
for each dependent traveling with the pilot.
4. The Company will pay up to two hundred dollars ($200.00) for
termination and hook-up of gas and electric utilities, telephone and
cable television (excluding deposits) resulting from a move to a new
5. If a lease is broken as a result of moving to a new domicile, and a
penalty is incurred, the Company will pay the penalty; not to exceed
two (2) months rent.
6. If immediate occupancy of the new residence is impracticable
because of time constraints imposed by the Company, the
Company will pay meal and lodging expenses (consistent with
paragraph B. above) for up to seven (7) days. The pilot will make
every effort to minimize this expense. If the moving company
reimburses the pilot for these expenses, the Company will have no
obligation to make any additional payment.
7. The Company’s liability for moving expenses under this Article shall
not exceed seven thousand dollars ($7,000). Payment for cost of
moving household goods shall be paid directly from the Company
to the moving vendor. All other eligible benefits set forth in this​
Article shall be paid to the pilot as per B. of this Article.

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