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Where are the off season places right now?

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It's a slippery slope...
Nov 9, 2003
I've got this Friday till next Friday off and was thinking about going some where...

Just don't want to have tons of travel stress so I am looking for some place that is in the off season right now.

I was kinda thinking Grand Cayman but the AA flights are booked up out of mia and dfw.

Is it the off season down there?

Any ideas?

Grand Cayman is beautiful, it's probably less crowded now than it would be in the spring or fall but it is a popular place. go to stingray city if you go...
WNRHD17 said:
Grand Cayman is beautiful, it's probably less crowded now than it would be in the spring or fall but it is a popular place. go to stingray city if you go...

Your so right about that place:) I went there two summers ago around this time...

Meet a chick in a club that worked on a boat that went to stingray island...got out there for free...and it was great!

Thinking about it again:)
I heard that the Caymans really got torn up in last years hurricanes. You may want to check out tripadvisor.com and ask some questions in their forum section. Did the stingray city thing a couple of years ago, pretty cool. Boxflyr
I hear Aruba is pretty cheap.
Airboss said:
Let me quote Clark Griswold, "VEGAS, VEGAS, VEGAS!"

Vegas? In the summer? I would rather have a root canal.

If you dive, go to Cozomel if you don't try Cancun, you'll get more bang for the buck and it's off season. Cayman is horribly expensive, sting ray city is ok but ain't worth the rest of the island IMO.

Another siggestion is Anguilla island off of St. Marteen, the snorkeling is awesome and it's not crowded.
Anywhere in Mexico is pretty cheap right now....we just got back from a week at an all-inclusive (a nice one) in Puerto Vallarta...$60 per person, per night. Flights to and from out of IAH were wide open.

Isla Roatan (little island North of Honduras). Made a stop there last month on my honeymoon cruise. They said they were off season. Great snorkeling. Stay in an area called "West Bay." (I'm pretty sure that's the name). Good snorkeling up there and there are some things to do. At one of the resorts we pulled up to while kayaking they said that their cabins were going for $80 US a night right now. The resort's name was Luna Beach I believe.

I've been to Grand Caymen twice now. Once in 2000 but the seas were too rough and we weren't able to tender (take the little boat from the cruise ship into the docks) in, so we left and I didn't get to see Stingray City. Then last month. The only day of bad weather. Rough seas but where we dropped anchor was somewhat protected since we were downwind of the island. So, this time we were able to tender in BUT it was raining and the seas were too rough so ALL shore excursions were cancelled. So we shopped and drank. I guess I have to go back a third time and maybe, just maybe, I will get to Stingray City.
I agree, Roatan is beautiful as well...much less crowded than some other places, I would highly recommend that as well. I didn't get to snorkel there as the seas were too rough on the north side of the island. Caymans were damaged from the hurricanes last year. When our boat docked it was the first stop it had made to Grand Cayman that season, they had the dock areas cleaned up pretty well but you could see all the palm trees were just talls stick with a few leaves and the further you drove into town there was crap lying all over the ground, power lines still down, buildings half gone. It was a little depressing. We didn't eat there so I'm not sure about the prices of food, etc. I wasn't such a fan of Mexico, because I don't like crowded places, but if you're looking for cheap beer and food, that's your place.

Green Bay is off season right now, too! Tour Lambeau Field, eat a brat.