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When do YOU get out of bed?

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I.P. Freley

I like people food
Dec 26, 2001
Just a light-hearted question from someone who hasn't had a job since 9/19...

I have a pretty solid schedule these days. I wake up, almost without fail and regardless of when I fell asleep, at 11am. Just to be sure I don't OVERsleep I actually set my alarm.

Anyone else descended to such pitiful depths??

No matter what anyone says, government cheese tastes awful. :)

I LOVE being an unproductive member of society! :eek:

P.S.- Anyone want to hire me?? LOL
What do you mean government cheese tastes awful? Aren't you using enough tobasco sauce?

If you stick around in aviation long enough, you'll learn these all-important things.
sounds like oddtodd.com
Yeah, oddtodd hit a LITTLE BIT too close to home... The moving in with parents and my trophies part certainly, but most notable of all is the gigantic "L" now tattooed on my forehead.

And Tabasco sauce?? That's a little bit outta my price range these days. Whatsit, 2 bucks a bottle?? Gotta save that for the porno rentals. :D

If you will excuse me, I have to go have another of my panic attacks.
I get up around 11 or 12 usually. I don't live with my parents however. You'll never get women that way...sheesh. When all else fails, round up some women and go to the gentlemans' club and then party until 6am and have some readhead saying she loves you and wants....

Hey, what did YOU guys do last weekend???

PS. GiiiiiiiiidddyUP! Unemployment is great!
Great thread. I spent 2 months uneployed before I became fortunate enough to land in this here cubicle. I usually got up around 11 AM also.

It's also funny how even though you don't have any income, you somehow find a way to afford cable. (I don't know what I would have done without Discovery Wings.)

I'd rather be at home watching Black Sheep Squadron on the history channel, but at least I can afford tobasco sauce. I don't have any more government cheese to eat it with though.
I didn't have much choice in the matter... I'd moved out of my old apartment when I switched jobs... Just in time for 9/11. I was living in a hotel while I was in my new ground school, even had a deposit down on a new apartment in my new city. Thankfully they gave me the deposit back after I got furloughed! Couldn't have afforded the rent if my two new housemates didn't stick around, and they didn't.

Kinda hard to get another apartment without an income! Well at least unemployment pays the bills and leaves me enough to eat.

*yawn* I am getting sleepy! LOL

Ever since flying freight and being a night owl anyway, its hard for me to go to bed before 2AM, I try to get up before 10AM, its a struggle.

And I currently fly for a regional.

Those 5AM reports are a bear.

Great to see I am not the only one!!

Thank goodness it's winter, otherwise I would have to see the sun for more than 5-1/2 hours per day!

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