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What's with Trans States ?

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Aug 10, 2005
Has anyone heard anything about Trans States?
I was hired in July and thought I was in a September class and now to my surprise that class was canceled and there are no future classes set.
Thanks Guys,
I am going to Pinnacle on Monday I just spoke with a buddy of mine he just got back from the interview he said that pannel knows about the gouge and study guide on aviation interviews.com he also said that anything goes on the Tech/Hr portion but everything else seems to be the same for now but he said there is talk about changing the written test real soon.
He also told me that as he was on the way back to the airport they called him and offered him a class date in two weeks. It seems like there is no waiting there..
CJ We're fairly desperate for pilots but not so desperate we'll take anyone. The interview board consist of high seniority CA's. They expect you to know your stuff. Good Luck with the Interview and I'm sure you'll enjoy it here.
There is a small class in Oct and a large one in Nov. Me thinks they are getting caught up. There are guys waiting three weeks to get into the sim for the J41 and EMB145. CA upgrades to the jet had a wait also not just newhires.
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Tired of teaching,
Thanks for the info you are the first one I have heard this from are you sure this is correct ?
Thanks for your insite. I feel that I know my stuff fairly well flying 135 give you allot of down time sitting around in pilot lounges so I have always tried to make good use of that time by keeping my head in the AIM and other aviation related books.
I am really looking forward to establish myself in a 121 carrier.

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