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What's the scoop eagle?

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Nov 29, 2001
Any of you non-furloughed Eagle guys or gals have any new information on recalls? How are your loads? How many AA guys are in RJ training?
I was furloughed October 8th....any guess as to when I could anticipate a recall?

Getting impatient ready to move on.
whats up corky, i was also furloughed the 8th. Ive heard rumors of recalls soon, but alpa isnt giving us much info. take care.
Hey, this seems to be quite the meeting place for furloughed Eaglers (I got the notice 11/1). Misery loves company, right? The latest I've heard is that there may possibly be a limited number of recalls sometime soon, nothing solid. I think the union is going to arbitration with the company over the scope issues and American Connection sometime next month, which may or may not affect recalls.
Anybody else know anything more definite???? Let's all hope for the best!
My furloughed brothers

Hey guys. I've heard pretty much all the flight attendents have been recalled. I've been talking to one that was furloughed the same day I was and she's back now. She's seen some AA guys on IOE in the RJ. I can't complain too much I'm making alot more than I was there but I miss the job. Funny, I ran into a furloughed ATR driver in Las Vegas sitting at the bar. He was on his dinner break from a shoe store where he sold shoes and made 3 times more than he did at Eagle. And we want to go back!! Go figure...I guess the ends justify the means.

Hang in there......

hello, good news and bad news

Here is what I have heard and what I know. We had a system bid come out today 1/15/02. This one had 42 capt. and 36 FO openings. The bid said it would not backfill ORD FO and DFW SF3 CA. The rumors have been they will use furloughed FO for any unfilled openings. I have heard it might go really slow, like 10-20 a month.

The other news is that Peter Bowler sent out a letter today. It stated that per the AA/APA contract, Eagle is not allowed to grow ASM's while AA has pilots on furlough. He is correct. They have that aggreement. He goes on to state that we are financially responsible to accept 38 jets this year. Well, since RJ's eat up more ASM's than Turbo-props (i.e faster, and longer trips) he said that unless AA can get the APA to drop their ASM requirement, Eagle will have to ground 80 turbo props by the end of the year, and furlough more employees.

Peter could be sending out a threat letter.....who know's. He said he was optimistic that the APA will allow us to grow, but if they do not, AA will honor the contract.

Couple of my thoughts, APA will not allow Eagle to grow while AA pilots are on furlough, and AMR has never honored contracts very well. I also think AMR wants out of the turbp-props quickly, so why not blame it on someone else if your going to do somthing bad. So it sounds like it may get even more ugly.

These are approx fleet numbers from the company propaganda site: 77 saabs, 48 atr 42/72, 100 emb, 2 crj, for a total of 227 airplanes.

If the fleet turns out the way the letter states, the numbers will be 140 rj's, 45 turbo-props, total of 185 airplanes, a decrease of 42 aircraft.

I hope you are looking for better employment because I sure am!
You said it....here we go.

Well here we go...this will get ugly

FORT WORTH - American Airlines is seeking a waiver from the Allied Pilots Association so it can increase the size of its American Eagle regional operations beyond restrictions in the union's contract.

Union leaders have agreed to discuss the subject as part of contract talks, which resumed this week after being on hold since Sept. 11. But the union's president criticized executives for making the issue public and accused management of trying to sow division among union workers.

In a message posted late Tuesday on the union's Web site and telephone hot line, Allied Pilots President John Darrah said, "It appears that we are back to 'business as usual,' with management using a public forum in an attempt to foster division between employee groups - in this case, the American Airlines and American Eagle pilots.

"Ironically, management has criticized [the union] for publicly airing contractual disputes, rather than bringing them to the negotiating table for resolution," he said. "Yet when management wants something from the union, they don't hesitate to use the very same tactic."

AMR Chairman Donald Carty disclosed American's request Tuesday in his weekly message to employees. Carty said man- agement asked union leaders to discuss the waiver in hopes of avoiding layoffs at American Eagle this spring when its operations are expected to bump up against contractual limits.

Carty said the company will honor the contract language if the union doesn't grant a waiver. But he made the case for why he believes a waiver is in the interests of American Eagle workers and American's pilots.

"We have asked the [Allied Pilots] for a waiver to keep American's recovery going strong, and we're very optimistic that the union will understand how important Eagle's feed is to the big airline," Carty said.

AMR Corp., parent of American and American Eagle, is expected to report a record quarterly loss of more than $500 million today.

American spokeswoman Karen Watson said that, under the contract, American Eagle's operations cannot exceed 40 percent of the total number of flight hours or available seat-miles offered by the two AMR-owned airlines combined.

The union agreed to discuss the matter, but Darrah told his members that the contract provision does not require that its operations be reduced.

American Eagle's size has been a source of acrimony since the late 1980s, when AMR began acquiring its former regional airline partners and converting the old American Eagle franchise network into a true second airline within AMR. Pilots at American, like their counterparts at other major airlines, quickly came to view regional airline operations as a way to outsource work to lower-paid workers.

In 1997, American's desire to deploy dozens of new-generation regional jets at American Eagle was a major factor in a pilots union strike halted after seven minutes by President Clinton. Ultimately, the two sides reached a compromise granting bigger raises to the pilots in exchange for regional jets. That deal included a provision limiting the size of American Eagle if any American pilots were laid off.
Carty said the company will honor the contract language if the union doesn't grant a waiver. But he made the case for why he believes a waiver is in the interests of American Eagle workers and American's pilots.

Yeah, I'm sure that Carty is motivated over a true concern about the interests of AA/AE workers...and AMR honor a contract???? That will be a first...

Man, have I become bitter toward AMR really fast or what?
Glad to be gone!

I left Eagle alomst 3 years ago.....all I can say is, "Thank God, I don't have to deal with AMR anymore!"

Best of luck to you guys.
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For you guys out on the street, the best way to stay up on whats going on is to visit the ALPA web site.


If you don't know your ALPA number, you can contact Brenda Cover at 800-871-0899.

There is always new info being posted. This evening there was even an online meeting with the MEC Chairman in a chat room. There are plans for another one next Wed. at 9pm EST.

Good luck, hope to see you guys back online soon.

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