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What's the problem with GJ?!?!

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jetpilot007 said:
pcl...can you send me a copy of the freddom list please or tell me where it is.

I don't have a digital copy. The only copy I have is the one I keep in my flight bag. If you can't find anyone else that has one they can email you, then PM me in a few days to remind me when I get back to work and I can get it from my flight bag.
theo said:
The problem with backing you on your misguided effort to trash Go-Jet is you have already lost! It won't improve anything for the pilots of TSA to do so and it likely will scare a few impressionable people away from a legitimate job opportunity. Times certainly are tough for all of us in the airline industry now but I draw the line at you guys trying to cloak a local dispute in which you are on the losing side into a National issue. It is not a National issue. Go-Jet is not doing anything any other Regional hasnt done for years. Many dont like the payscales and benefits at Go-Jet or any other Regional for that matter but that is my point. They are all the same. You guys can't make it a bigger issue cause it really just doent fly. I wish TSA pilots well but it appears to this observer that you keep getting bad advice. If you are ever going to turn things around maybe you should regroup and come up with different tactics that actually work to improve your life instead of bashing another pilot group for no productive purpose.
I'd like to think that you're on our side of the fence on this issue. But you cannot hide your head in the sand here. Picture yourself as a senior FO and about to upgrade because your comany was awarded growth. Suddenly, your company starts an alter ego airline. In the proccess of doing so, they take a few pilots from your seniority list and mostly off the streeet to fly this now separate airline to fill the growth gap. Because of this, your airline now has no growth opportunity and your upgrade has just been canceled because they gave the flying to your alter ego, low paid, no work rules counterparts. How do you feel about this?

Why is it O.K. to let the race to the bottom continue? Why should we allow ourselves to take pay cuts until we work for minimum wage? We're skilled trained pilots. Earn your pay.
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