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What's going on at Midway?


Deliverin' the Goods.....
Dec 3, 2001
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100 ME
As a former Midway dude, I'm curious as to what's going on there these days. I hear they fly a greatly reduced schedule with just 737s, I believe. I was in RDU the other day and asked the ramp controller what was going on and he said something like 8-10 departures a day.

Are there any Midway guys out there that can fill me in on how things have changed there? I worked there for about a year before moving on and met a lot of great folks. Who is the chief pilot there now? D.O.? Any details are appreciated.

I have no other agenda other than I curious as to what happened to a bunch of good folks.


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Nov 30, 2001
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They shutdown several months ago, although I hear that there is an effort to get restarted. That's all the info I have heard. I did send a resume to them while on furlough, partly to meet my unnemployment committments, but also to see if they had actually begun some sort of operations again. My resume came back through the mail saying the box was closed.