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Whatever Happened to My "FBI Profile of B19" Post?

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Well-known member
Apr 19, 2007
I can't seem to find it anywhere.

Hmm. Now where could it have gone?
funny how that get pulled but all b19's BS about wanting us to be furloughed is ok to stay.
That post was a classic, Dooker. It will forever live in our memories and bring a smile to our faces when we think about it. RIP little thread, you had a great run. ;)
Thanks, imac.

But seriously ... why would it get yanked? I'm mystified.
it's happened before. threads don't get 'deleted' yet still show they exist, they get nuked as if they never occurred at all. interesting....
I know. It just makes you wonder ... I mean, B19 is supposedly the scourge of the forum, right? One of the moderators (buckeye) even launched his own personal jihad against him.

Now, a post that holds B19 up to ridicule mysteriously disappears.

It was removed because it was a personal attack. It was not removed by me, but I support the removal of it. The basis being that it is okay to attack a opinion or stance on a subject, but it is not okay to attack a person here. I'm not saying it does not happen, but when we catch it we remove it.
Not open for further replies.

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