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What to do in Holland, MI?

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Feb 7, 2005
I'll be going there next week and need ideas on how to waste the entire day. I hear there is a nice Arnie Palmer course out there called the Ravines. Anyone played there before? Is it worth the $100 to play? Thanks guys.
I've never played the course, but with AP's name on it, it certainly can't be that bad :)

There is a brewhouse (beer) downtown that has a good selection and food. Strong Dutch community with plenty of good places to eat. The Tulip Festival is always a good time but that is in the spring. If you have a car, it's a short drive to the shores of Lake Michigan.

There is an outlet mall out by the airport but personally, IMHO, outlet malls rarely offer bargains of days gone by and are just retail outlets. Every now and then you'll find a deal.

Downtown is a typical small town, midwest city. People warm and friendly. Check out http://www.holland.org/ for complete listings of current events.

Have a great trip.

I'm from Holland and fly out of KBIV (Tulip City), where I assume you will be landing. Like 2000 said, the New Holland Brewery is a good place for food. Other good places are Perredies, The Piper, or 84 East for Italian, or Crazy Horse Steakhouse for traditional American. Never played at the Ravines, which is about 8 miles south of the airport, but have heard great things about it.

As far as touristy things, the Tulip Festival in May is the peak of the celebration of the Dutch heritage here, but everyone around here is always celebrating being Dutch. There is a place called Dutch Village, which is some type of amusement park (not really sure what is there, actually. I've lived here my whole life and haven't been there once). You could also check out Windmill Island. There are many little Dutch shops there.

Personally, I would recommend packing a bathing suit and towel and going to Holland State Park on the north side and lounging on Ottawa Beach. That is by far the favorite destination for the area in the summer. There is also some nice beach/hiking at Saugatuck Dunes State Park about 5-6 miles south of the airport. Really is fun messing around in this area by Lake Michigan during the summer. Just let me know if you want any more info. Hopefully you enjoy it here, even though the airport "terminal" is a joke. It is an old house and is pretty small and sometimes smelly. But, Tulip City Air is a great place and I think you will like the new runway extention/road tunnel at the airport. It really is one of the better non-towered airport around.
Buy wooden shoes for your loved ones.
RJP said:
Buy wooden shoes for your loved ones.
A guy I used to work with before I got into flying was dutch...he used to say, "Wooden shoes, wooden head!"
What's the other quote?

There are two things I despise in this world:
1) People who are intolerant of other peoples cultures, and
2) The Dutch

Wow... never thought I'd see this thread on Flightinfo. I too am from Holland; lived there for 24+ years. Now I'm living the good life at Columbus Air Force Base in Mississippi.

The fact that I refer to Columbus as "the good life" should tell you something about Holland!

All joking aside. Hit the beach. I'd have to say there is no finer body of water to swim in than Lake Michigan. I spent many beautiful summer days drinking on the lakeshore. After that there isn't much to say. I strongly recommend staying away from the brewing company. Decent beer, but horrible service. Across the the street though is a nice little Irish pub called the Curragh. Great atmosphere, and I went to high school with one of the bartenders. Food isn't bad either.

And if you get into legal trouble let me know, I'm related to a good attorney in town. ;)
Go to KaZoo, much better atmosphere for women, bars, pool, recreation, cleaner surrounding lakes, ect.....

I know, I was raised in Gobles, MI

Sad I know.

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