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What Is The Coolest Airplane You Have Flown?

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Well-known member
Aug 13, 2005
For me it would have to be the DeHavilland Beaver. Sweet bird, I can only imagine how cool it would be to fly cargo in one. I would add floats though...
C-54E, that had a real warbird history. This specific plane was Nimitz' personal transport around the Pacific theatre.
One of our Commanders used to be Howard Hughes's plane, thought that was interesting.

Still near the top, if not the top, of my list is the Caravan. Yeah, it's a big 182 and not terribly complex, but man that was a fun airplane to fly. I miss it!
Ask me at any given time, and I'll tell you it's the airplane I happen to be flying at that moment, purely because I'm fortunate enough to have that opportunity at that time. I don't care if it's a Cessna 140 or something big and fast...the greatest airplane in the world for me is whatever I'm blessed enough to be flying at any particular time.

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