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What is cost for PFD switch from Round Dial to Tape?

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Dec 19, 2002
CAL has B737NG set up with electronic representation of round dials instead of tapes for speed/altitude to keep fleet commonality.

A rumor is that Boeing will allow the switch to tapes to occur for a cost of $1,000,000 per aircraft (cue upside down hand with pinkie extended to mouth). This amount seems absurd.

Anyone have experience with the changeover with another carrier and can share details?

We're in the process of switching our NG fleet to PFD/ND from round dial EFIS as well. We were told that it's just a flip of a switch down in the Avionics Bay to change the displays over to the PFD format. Our fleet will be switched starting in April. I believe that our line mechanics are doing our Mods. I would be shocked if the price tag was anywhere close to what Boeing was quoting you guys. If it was that expensive, there is no way WN would spend that amount of money to change over our entire NG fleet.
I've heard what Saluki talks about. I'm sure there is some official paperwork that has to be done, not to mention training. I seriously doubt it's a 7 figure amount.
When I was a conehead, it was just a matter of grounding a different pin(s) at the symbol generator - Kinda like swapping a couple of wires on the connector for your trailer lights but with paperwork. Hell, it really might be a switch nowadays. In any case, I'd be surprised if the actual mod. for the whole fleet cost seven figures. FAA approval and documentation might be a different matter entirely.
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It is a simple box change in the avionics compartment. Had a fault light a few years ago and when maintenance came out to switch the box it was programmed the Southwest way with round dials. They said that was the default from the manufacturer due to the number of orders from SWA and that the part they normally received was re-programmed for the tapes/ADI. They had to switch to another spare and send that box back. It was a ralatively easy 15 minute change though.
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Could this be the next "miracle lure"? Star Alliance requires fleet commonality. If pilots don't agree to concessions to achieve commonality, all is lost and CAL disappears into black hole of merger, restructuring. 50% furloughs and all retirement lost. Wait a minute, allow JV and all is OK.
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One of the instructors said he thought it was about $20k per aircraft, but not sure what to make of it. Along with what ever goes in the avionics bay, there is also a software mod involved. It is kind of like the speed and altitude intervention switches that exist on all the panels - there are there beneath the block-off plates, but they won't work without software. In any case, we need to ditch the round dials - if you've flown the 767-400 and the 777, you will never want to do without the tapes! Then again, as backward as management is here, don't hold your breath...
Round unfortunately. Hopefully after the last two 300's are gone, they will get their act together and catch up to modern times...

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