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What happens to ACA if UAl files #11

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May 4, 2002
I see that ACA has all sorts of growth planned in the future? What is going to happen ACA if UAL files Chapter 11? I am in the pool and I am worried about jumping from the frying pan into the fire. Things do not look so bright at USairways WO, but at least I have some senority?
If UAL files and reorganizes, you can bet there will be a massive relaxation of the scope clause...I think ACA and other Express carriers will do just fine.

I think your correct. It's funny that people who are not even in the company know more than those who work there.

Terry V.
I tend to agree with C141FE on this one. If United goes into Chapter 11 they will continue to operate their flight schedule as USAir is doing. They will look to make cost reductions such as giving less than profitable routes to the regionals. I think that ACA is the only United codeshare partner in a lot of routes on the east coast so that should help to ensure their survival.

I am giving up two years seniority at my regional to go to ACA and I have no regrets. Unfortantely this regional growth will be largely at the expense of the majors and we can only hope that in a few years the tables will turn around and the growth will shift back to the majors since I have no desire to have a career at the regionals, even a good one like ACA. All this is only my $.02 so flame away if you dont agree....

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Right there with you Twotter 76. I'm at ACA and while I remain supremely confident that this little airline could muddle though, I hope this regional growth/major downsizing trend won't last forever. I personaly think (and I'm definitely not wise to the ways of business) that ACA would get a huge kick in the pants from UAL if they declared chapter 11. Simple fact is (or seems) we are cheaper and we make them a lot of money. We're also very flexible in terms of the kinds of flying we can do for them. That's why it's been such a "productive" relationship. But in the end, I hope regionals like ACA don't outgrow their britches. Remember, every new RJ may ultimately be a few less jobs in a 737/757 etc. I am often amazed at how many of my coworkers (and I do respect their opinions) fail to see that scope is important to their careers in the LONG RUN.

I talked with Alistair a couple of weeks ago and rumors and you know how rumors are. It is said that they might by some aircraft from companys going belly up. Now its a wait and see.
The thing that worries me is that if US Air sends their pilots to fly CRJ's and that bumps the guys on the low end of the pole out. That does not seem fair, but I am hearing that ALPA is supporting it. Have you heard anything about UAL and us?

Terry V.

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