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What happened to all of the AirTahoma threads ???

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I was kind of wondering that myself. Maybe they got the old "radar service terminated..squawk VFR" lol
I saw one of their Convairs come into KLCK about a month ago. They were still using the Tahoma callsign, thats about all I know.
two 580's in mia going to mexio and guatemala, and one at sea going to vancouver, bc. 240's probably still doing charter.
I interviewed there recently for a flight follower position. The place is a hole. I don't think I could have run out of there fast enough. The building is all run down, dark and dungy, and very messy. I was sitting in the dispatch area waiting for the D.O. admiring how much effort they must put in to KEEP the place messy. I thought about cutting and running but sat through the interview anyway. No, I didn't take the job...$10 and hour, no benefits, and an 11pm to 11am shift was hard to turn down though:puke:

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