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What did we learn from MidAtlantic ?

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Dec 5, 2001
What happened to MidAtlantic Airlines (MDA)? I'm under the impression that J4J deals with U.S. Airway’s regional subsidiaries was some how circumvented by Mainline ALPA by creating a new subsidiary MidAtlantic to create more mainline job opportunities. Is this what happened? I’m sure I am missing something, but after its creation, why is MidAtlantic losing RJs to regionals such Chautauqua?

I find this whole thing confusing, and am curious if the NWA’s proposal for a “NEWCO” small jet operator is any different than what U.S. Airways did. What lessons can we learn from the past?
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Mainline alpa created J4J for their furloughed pilots and then tried to force it on the wholly owned's but only PSA was weak enough to give in to Mainline ALPA's crap. Now they choking on their own SH*T Sandwich I sure hope it's tasty.
Both PDT and the former ALG agreed to the J4J provisions, however neither PDT or ALG received any RJs to participate in the deal. Whether that is good or bad is yet to be determined. The original conditions of the J4J deal was negotiated by the mainline MEC with their management without input from any of the wholly owned carriers. It was then put to the wholly owned carriers as a take it or leave it deal. However it is my understanding that the original conditions of the deal have been "renegotiated" by the mainline MEC at least twice without any further input from those carriers that had agreed to the original deal.

With a quick search you shouldn't have any trouble finding several threads on the J4J topic.

As for MidAtlantic losing planes to Chautauqua:

U is trying to sell 28 (I think) E170s including spare parts and training equipment to raise cash. That is another huge mess. The mainline MEC is arguing that the E170 division is USAirways and the transaction is a transfer of control with the appropriate contract provision intact, yet the same MEC doesn't want to count the E170 division as mainline pilots as it pertains to the U & America West proposed merger. Kind of like talking out of both sides of your mouth.
Just my thoughts and other stuff being part of the WO/MDA/Mainline family.

MDA was supposed to be an 85 plus 170 (potential190) fleet operating on Eagles contract with some mainline modifications (example: mainline reserve). All employees are from furloughed mainline and ALG/PDT and PSA (however I don't think any PSA took it as they got their own jets).

All indications are that MDA is/was/is going to continue to be a success from an aircraft, employee and operation standpoint and a valuable part of a "reorganized" US Air. This all seemed good until BK #2 late Sept when the deliveries stopped and then this spring when management needed to fund it retention bonuses and could not find a buyer for either PDT or PSA.

I don't think they ever had any intention of selling MDA but with a combination of stopping deliveries at 25 aircraft and needed $$ to line their own pockets the situation changed.

The "situation" may also change again as we see more $$$ from investors (must be some crazy people out there), resistance to the sale/transfer and opposition to 190 at contractors from AWA/U pilots. As we all know the deal did not take place on July 29th as they said it was.

Also some have indicated that we CEL guys came to MDA just to fly a jet. I'd like to state that quite the opposite in my case. I bid to MDA because at the time and using all the info I had back then it looked bleak for ALG guys and looked pretty fine over here at MDA especially with the planned 85+ aircraft on order. I would have bid over if they had 85+ C-172's on order, its not about the jet for me, although I do like this 170 very much anf on the other hand I miss the Dash very much also.
CHQ/REP pilots wish we didn't have to deal with the E190. We are only dealing with it because of US Airways ALPA. But the fact remains that the bid for 25 E190's was made, and we DO have to deal with that. What we have made that was not shown on this thread is that CHQ/REP pilots must vote on the increased J4J deal. We negotiated for improvments and correction to the language of our current contract before agreeing to send the ammended J4J contract to our membership for a vote.

We either vote for the aircraft, and improvment to our existing contract or the aircraft will go to another contract carrier. Thus the delimma. We would have preffered the E190 stay at mainline to increase jobs at mainline carriers; however, it has been put directly in our lap, and I think with the improvements it will probably pass.

Again I say its a shame that we must even have to deal with this. You shouldn't be upset with CHQ/REP for getting these E190's, you should be upset at why we are having to get them.

Learlove, after reading a couple of your posts I have gained new respect and understanding of your position. I sincerely hope that if AWA/U ALPA are unable to stop the E170/E190 sale, you will come to CHQ/REP with the resolve that you currently have and use your passion to help improve things here. Best of luck
"Learlove, after reading a couple of your posts I have gained new respect and understanding of your position."

He sure has mellowed and matured, hasn't he? I remember some of his posts from back when he was an F/O on the Dash. Hate-filled, angry, anti-mainline posts.

100% attitude improvement. Hope you guys get him and take advantage of all of the experience he'll bring to Chautauqua.

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