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what cleaner works best?

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Feb 18, 2006
For those of you that have to wash your planes what kind of cleaner do you use to get soot stains out of the paint on a turbo prop? I use a general degreaser that knocks most the grime off but end up having to use a rubbing compound to really whiten the paint. Looking for an easier way to keep the airplane bright white.

I suggest a Mexican, or possibly a Dominican?

Gotta go with the Dominicans. No chance for amnesty so they won't get 'uppity'. ;)

(Will this get me banned? I don't think it will. Never know what trips the "hate speech claymore" these days. 'Course, if I go down, I'm takin' G200 with me. :D)

On topic: We used to have to "wax the tracks" at a commuter long ago. Once you get the soot off, make sure you get a top notch car wax and wax the exhaust track area. It makes the job much easier next time.

Try washwax dot coms degreaser... http://www.washwax.com/products.php?pid=17&detail=true

Works great, and its simple spray on and wipe off, and it gives a nice coating that makes the next time much much quicker.

this stuff does exactly as you need, brings back the paint to its original white and keeps it that way, plus if you like a sootless plane take it with you and some papertower and its a quick simple thing to wipe down after each flight.

The wash wax all is pretty impressive too, we use it in India and it gets all the crap off and brings back the paint to as new. We have no water to wash our planes with, this time is great when in a waterless environment.
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Will that wash wax pull the yellow out of the paint. I get the soot off just fine but it seems the paint stains underneath. The only thing I've been able to clean it with is a rubbing compound. By the way, I am in no way thrilled about having to clean our airplanes to this degree. I bite my tongue and do as I am told. If I am going to be doing it, I would like to find the best way to get it done.
on a learjet engine cowl it returns the inside the of the cowling to perfect white, and makes it looks like the engine is brand new still. it removes the yellow/brown discoloration straight out first go. the first time it was used it was hardish work, but now it has a base coast of this stuff its just a quick spray and then wipe out.
I second the wash wax - but there's really not much you can do about the yellowing/staining (assuming it's still stained after you've cleaned off any residue on the surface), thats more along the lines of permanant paint damage from the oil sitting on it too long and seeping into the paint...best bet to even try to get that stuff out is a professional cleaning service, but even then I doubt you will get that stain out.... paint job time! :D

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