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What can't you do after age 60?

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Active member
May 11, 2005
I've looked through the FAR's and can't seem to find this.

What things are banned for those who are age 60 or more? Also, if you remember, where in the FAR's is this information found?
I think the age 60 rule only applies to part 121. After that, if you can still hold a medical, you can do any flying other than 121. I think a there are a few guys over 60 flying 135. The chief pilot at an old flight school of mine was 86!
Thanks Tater and Junkflyer.

Do you remember any restrictions as to the type of engine or aircraft weight for those over 60?
Doc Holiday,

Thanks. Yes, that's part of what I was looking for.

I'd searched on "age 60", "60 years" and some other terms. I did not think of searching for "60th".
Junkflyer said:
You also can't fly scheduled 135 service. Unscheduled is okay.

You got a FAR reference for an age limitation on 135 scheduled service? I can't seem to find it.

There's currently another over 60 limitation...you can't fly as PIC anywhere out of the country on any commercial flight. That means Part 121 or 135, scheduled or unscheduled.

The rule is an ICAO rule. I can quote if if anyone cares. ICAO has made some noises about voting to amend the age to 65 but that hasn't happened yet.

In the real world, most 135 operators don't pay any attention to the ICAO rule because few, if any, of the member states care or enforce it. But I know of at least one operator that takes the rule at face value and there may be others.

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